Cummins Rental Genset

GTA 855 MOH for Rental

Frequency (Hz) 60
Certification EPA MOH Certified
Rated for kW kVa
Prime 225 281

The Cummins Inc. commercial Generator Set (GenSet) is a fully integrated power generation system providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for prime and continuous power applications.



Base Engine: Cummins Model GTA 855E

Displacement: 14 L (855 in3)

Overspeed Limit: 2100 rpm

Regenerative Power: TBD

Cylinder Block Configuration: Cast iron

Cranking Current: 860 CCA at ambient temp of 0 °C (32 °F)

Battery Charging Alternator: 43 amps

Battery Type: 8D (x2)

Starting Voltage: 24-volt, negative ground

Standard Cooling System: See derates on Engine Data Sheet

Lube Oil Filter Types: One spin-on canister-combination full flow with bypass

Total System Back Pressure Allowed: 51 mm Hg (2 in. Hg)

Catalyst Back Pressure: 22 mm Hg (.88 in. Hg)

Silencer Back Pressure (Factory Enclosed Units Only): 5.6 mm Hg (.22 in. Hg)

Generator Model Hz Continuous kVA / kW Prime kVA / kW Certification
C225N6 60 188 / 150 EPA MOH Certified C225N6_A042J410.pdf
C225N6 60 281 / 225 EPA MOH Certified C225N6_A042J410.pdf

Cummins Heavy-Duty Engine - Rugged 4-cycle industrial spark-ignited engine delivers reliable power, low emissions, and quick response to load changes.

Alternator - Several alternator sizes offer selectable motor-starting capability with low reactance 2/3 pitch windings, low waveform distortion with non-linear loads, fault-clearing short-circuit capability, and class H insulation.

Control System - The PowerCommand® electronic control is standard equipment and provides total GenSet system integration, including automatic remote starting/stopping, precise voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, AmpSentry™ protective relay, output metering, and auto-shutdown at fault detection.

Warranty and Service - Backed by a one-year warranty and worldwide distributor network.

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