g855gc generator

G855GC for Commercial Industrial

Frequency (Hz) 60, 50
Certification N/A
Fuel Type Natural Gas, Propane
Rated for kW kVa
Standby 95-115 119-144


Commercial Industrial
  • Strong motor-starting capability and fast recovery from transient load changes.
  • The torque-matched system includes a heavy-duty Cummins 4-cycle spark-ignited engine, an AC alternator with high motor-starting kVA capacity, and an electronic voltage regulator with three-phase sensing for precise regulation under steady-state or transient loads.
  • The GC-series GenSet accepts 100% of the nameplate rating.
  • The standard PowerCommand® digital electronic control is an integrated system that combines engine and alternator controls for high reliability and optimum GenSet performance.
  • Optional GenSet housing and component heaters shield the GenSet from extreme operating conditions.
  • Warranty
Generator Model Hz Standby kVA / kW Fuel Type
C115N6C 60 144 / 115 Natural Gas C115N6C_A042J416.pdf
C95N5C 50 119 / 95 Natural Gas C95N5C_A042J416.pdf
C95N5C 50 119 / 95 Propane C95N5C_A042J416.pdf

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