Achieving Uptime Reliability

If power is the lifeblood of the data center, then backup power is the data center’s life support system. While data center designs, requirements and specifications are as varied as the industries they support, one thing remains constant: uptime reliability is the ultimate objective.

With our unwavering focus on innovation, Cummins has pioneered technologies that set the standard for modularity and reliability in data center backup power systems.

Best Available Technology for Best-in-Class Data Centers

Best-in-class data centers demand specialized power system capabilities. Our data center-focused engineering team is constantly in pursuit of new technologies tailored to optimize backup power system reliability. In-engine advancements and aftertreatment systems permit environmentally responsible power system usage, even in the most stringent locations. Advanced paralleling systems provide automated digital control of startup, synchronization and no-break power transitions in 10 seconds or less. Custom data center load ratings allow for unlimited hours of operation, with no restrictions on average variable load factor.

Five Nines Reliability

For mission-critical data centers, aspiring to 99.999% availability is the ultimate goal. While five nines is the rarely achieved gold standard, adhering to the Uptime Institute’s Tier IV requirements to ensure fault tolerance is often expected. Designing power systems that achieve high availability performance requires expert attention to system architecture and requisite equipment redundancy, while also avoiding unnecessary duplication that may impede system reliability. Cummins’ system engineers are among the industry’s most experienced and are supported by a global team of Cummins distributors to ensure smooth installation and commissioning on-site.

Demonstrated Global Expertise

Technology-driven businesses and industries with data centers as their backbone aren’t limited by national (or continental) borders. And neither are we. With enterprise footprints growing at the speed of data, the ability to quickly implement a global expansion is extremely important. That’s why Cummins maintains a vast network of data center experts in every corner of the world. Our global distribution network professionals are trained and equipped to execute on your exacting requirements and are adept at handling regional nuances — from electrical codes to contractor relationships.

But putting more data centers in more countries doesn’t mean changing how you do things. Cummins delivers global data center reliability through a consistent power system footprint, which means no surprises, whether your next deployment is in Shanghai or Chicago

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