Innovations for Data Centers

With sophisticated emission control technologies and data center-specific load ratings, Cummins generator sets are at the core of our innovative backup power systems. Rugged, fuel-efficient engines; high-performance alternators; on-board digital control systems; turbochargers for fast response – all designed, manufactured and tested by Cummins data center experts.

Cummins innovations represent the best available technology for data center backup power. The combination of reliable equipment and seamless components makes Cummins generator sets the most trusted in the world.

Diesel Generator Sets

Our diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10 kW to 2.5 MW. With clean, modern diesel engines and advanced exhaust aftertreatment options, these mission-critical generator sets are suitable for backup emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.

Lean–burn Gas Generator Sets

Cummins lean-burn natural gas engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 315 kW to 2 MW. Our natural gas generators produce very low emissions and are suitable for prime power and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. A low-BTU fuel option is available on specific models.

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