Running a greenhouse facility is an energy-intensive operation. With Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, Cummins helps growers establish independent power plants that deliver reliable electricity and thermal energy to fuel greenhouse operations.

Market Conditions Are Ripe for CHP Adoption

Historically, greenhouse growers in North America have not had a reason to evaluate the viability of combined heat and power (CHP) systems — it’s a power generation technology that has remained on the periphery of public awareness. In Europe and other regions of the world where energy costs, regulatory climates and market conditions dictate innovative approaches to power generation, CHP has gained prominence. And, in those places, Cummins has been a trusted partner for CHP system implementation and management.

Today, conditions are favorable for the adoption of CHP in North America. Recently discovered shale gas reserves have driven down natural gas prices and increased the feasibility of establishing independent power plants. For greenhouse growers, who also stand to benefit from the by-products of thermal heat and CO2 fertilizer, CHP gives them an unprecedented opportunity to increase energy efficiencies, yields and profits.

Increase Yields With CO2 Fertilization

As the demand for vegetable production is expected to double in the next decade, growers can utilize CHP’s ability to produce airborne CO2 fertilizer to help meet this need. Not only is airborne CO2 a greener alternative to liquid fertilizer, but it also provides up to 30 percent increases in crop production. With CO2 as a fertilizer, growers can create an environment for plants to thrive — improving produce quality and overall plant health.

Generate On-Site Electricity and Thermal Energy

Our CHP systems provide up to a 90 percent energy efficiency and utilization, resulting in as much as a 30 percent reduction in energy costs. Any surplus power can potentially be sold back to the grid. And, because waste heat is captured, CHP can also fulfill the thermal heating requirements of the greenhouse.

Establish a Greener Greenhouse

With a CHP system, greenhouse growers can capture two of today’s most common waste products — exhaust heat and CO2 — and convert them into tangible gains. CHP represents a true win-win scenario for greenhouse growers, allowing them to simultaneously increase yields while establishing environmentally responsible operations. The CHP experts at Cummins can help you make the transition to the most resource-savvy, profit-generating energy source available to greenhouse growers today.

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