6c-cp marine generator

6C-CP for Marine

Frequency (Hz) 50, 60
Certification IMO 1, IMO 2
Rated for kW kVA
Prime 136-170 170-213


Marine Generators


136-170 kWe

  • World-class Cummins diesel engines matched to industry-leading Cummins alternators. Designed, integrated and assembled for optimal efficiency and performance
  • Engineered for the tough demands of the marine environment with superior durability and high uptime requirements
  • Simplified vessel integration with less complex mechanical connections
  • Available with multi-station alarm and monitoring panels via a local digital network to match application requirements
  • Integrated alarm system can be configured to communicate with ship’s central data systems
  • Flexible configurations available to customize the generating set to the vessel’s operation requirements
  • Comprehensive warranty applies to entire generating set and is valid globally
  • Packaged at G&M Tex Ltd in Ipswich, U.K

Engine Model:6CTA8.3-D(M)

Alternator: STAMFORD UCM274H

Product Dimensions and Weight:

    KC & HX configurations RAD configuration
Overall Length mm (in) 2400 (94) 2550 (100)
Overall Width mm (in) 1250 (49) 1250 (49)
Overall Height mm (in) 1270 (50) 1480 (58)
Overall Weight kg (lb) 1720 (3792) 1850 (4079)

Dimensions may vary based on selected engine configuration

Generator Model Hz Prime kVA / kW Voltage Certification
KC- and HX-Cooled Ratings for Ship's Service Power
6C-CP 50 170 / 136 380 | 400 | 415 IMO Tier I
6C-CP 60 200 / 160 416 IMO Tier I
6C-CP 60 213 / 170 440 | 460 | 480 IMO Tier I
RAD-Cooled Ratings for Emergency Power
6C-CP 50 170 / 136 380 | 400 | 415 IMO Tier I
6C-CP 60 190 / 152 416 | 440 | 460 | 480 IMO Tier I

Engine Features

  • Rugged in-line, six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with mechanical fuel system provides excellent fuel economy and low maintenance requirements. Optional electronic speed governor
  • Available with heat exchanger, keel cooler or set-mounted radiator
  • Radiator configurations fitted with an independent start system not dependent on ship’s start systems or “changing out starter” methods
  • Conforms to SOLAS surface temperature requirements and classifiable for Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) applications as defined by IACS society rules
  • IMO emissions certified by Lloyd’s Register; Classification Society type approvals available
  • Classed level units fitted with superior aluminum extruded wiring harness, duplex filtration and type-approved hardware

Alternator Features

  • 12 wire, 3-phase alternator provides a broad range of re-connectable outputs
  • Designed specifically for marine applications with an IP23 rating
  • Single bearing close coupled permanent magnet generator provides constant excitation under all conditions
  • Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents
  • Classifiable for Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) applications as defined by IACS society rules
  • Dynamically balanced rotors with sealed-for-life ball bearings
  • Integrated anti-condensation heaters and two sets of thermistors

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