Diesel QSK50-Series G-Drive Engine
  • Reduce running costs thanks to low fuel consumption at idle loads.
  • Lessen the total costs of ownership and maintenance via longer lube oil and air filter service intervals, as well as extended overhaul periods (over 20,000 hours on some of Cummins’ most popular G-Drive engines).
  • Enjoy the combined power of high performance (transient response) and high power density through robust design features.
  • Meet strict worldwide emissions requirements with EPA T3/T4i and EU SIIIA compliance in MR/HD engines and T2 and 2g TAL requirements in HHP engines.
  • Ensure high product quality and rigid engineering guideline adherence via close collaboration with dedicated Cummins application engineering teams.
  • Increase self-reliance by taking advantage of training sessions organised at Cummins' plants around the world.
  • Give your transportation customers maximum uptime, easy access to parts, lower inventory requirements and service responsiveness anywhere in the world with Cummins’ unrivalled global service and support network.

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