The Driving Force Behind Power Generation

Cummins G-Drive engines have been the driving force behind the world’s generator sets for over 80 years, providing vital power solutions to a variety of markets, including industrial, commercial, healthcare and telecommunications.

We offer a new breed of high-performance, reliable Diesel G-Drive engines. From the small but powerful X1.3 to the QSK78, considered best in its class for power density and emissions, G-Drive delivers unbeatable power standards to GOEMs internationally. Gas G-Drives provide a wide range of spark-ignited natural gas engines in both the Gas Series and Gas Low Emissions Series. These diverse engines are offered from 47 to 138kWe Continuous at 50 Hz and 44 to 861kWe Standby/Prime/Continuous Power at 60Hz. 

G-Drive products are backed by uncompromising technical support and after-sale service for complete peace of mind. We maintain long-term relationships with market-leading manufacturers and pride ourselves on our world-class customer service network.

Crushing / Mining

Your crushing and mining customers demand robust performance for their generator sets. Cummins G-Drive engines give you the benefit of complete performance – even in high altitudes and high/low ambient conditions.

Dynamic / Rotary UPS

Dynamic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems demand calibrations customized to your customers’ power output and transient response requirements.


Your clients’ truck, rail, port and ship applications require high-cyclic loads. Cummins G-Drive engines give you the power to meet intermodal loads while also running efficiently and meeting tough environmental compliance standards.

Lighting Towers

Customers requiring extensive lighting tower usage demand maximum power with a minimal footprint. Cummins G-Drive engines meet a variety of needs for oil & gas, mining, construction and other lighting tower-heavy industries.

Movie Site

Film production crews can’t afford excessive noise or even a second of downtime – especially on location. Cummins G-Drive engines and cooling systems maximize power output in your package, while minimizing footprint and ensuring the lowest noise output.


Prime power means robust performance requirements. Cummins G-Drive engines give you the benefit of complete performance—even in challenging environments featuring high altitudes or high/low ambient conditions.


Your rail customers demand high power performance in prime or continuous duty for rail electrical power.


For any specialized standby application, Cummins’ reliable G-Drive engines give you (and your customers) the power you need.


Welder applications demand maximum power with a minimal footprint. Cummins G-Drive engines meet clients’ needs on both fronts.

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