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EPA 2010 (CM2250) | EPA 2013 (CM2350)

The new ISX Overhaul kits are tiered to fit the journey you’re on and provide the necessary level of parts to match your overhaul budget and level of repair desired.

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Using Genuine Cummins parts for your repairs is a sure way to maximize your uptime. Genuine parts are designed and manufactured to exact engineering specifications and quality standards. Additionally, using a Cummins certified service location for your overhaul ensures you'll be getting the right part for the right repair and that the Cummins repair and diagnostic processes will be followed. With so much on the line, don't risk your engine's performance by using non-genuine parts.


The CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE ISX overhaul kits are priced significantly lower than purchasing all the parts individually. By kitting these recommended parts Cummins makes it easy for you to choose the level of overhaul that's right for you.


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Cummins offers extended warranties on the PRO and ELITE ISX Overhauls through our National Overhaul Warranty (NOW) program.

PRO and ELITE – 2 years / 200,000 Miles
ELITE Only – 3 years / 300,000 miles


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Cummins certified service providers: For ISX Overhaul marketing material,
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