Cummins QTR Transmission

QTR Transmission

Puissance 2500 HP
1864 kW
Couple 7080 pi-lb
9599 N•m


Entretien de puits

Aperçu :

Purpose Built

The Cummins QTR Series transmission has been purpose built to meet the harsh working environment of the oil and gas market. Long hours and unforgiving conditions guarantee only the highest quality products will survive and the QTR has been designed with this in mind.

One Solution

The QTR Transmission can be provided as a stand-alone product or in combination with the Cummins QSK50 or QSK60 engines. The Cummins package will provide less downtime for operators and improved total cost of ownership for equipment. With dedicated engineering support and manufacturing centers, Cummins can design and build the combined package so it can be dropped into your chassis reducing installation time and additional engineering work.

Unparalleled Support

The QTR is supported by the same level of parts stocking and quick parts support expected from Cummins engines. It also comes with the Cummins standard warranty that matches engine warranty of 2 years, 2000 hours or 1 year, unlimited hours. The Cummins North American distribution network provides engine and transmission service and support without boundaries.

Gross input power 2500 HP 1864 kW
Gross input torque 7081 pi-lb 9601 N•m
Rated input speed 1900 tr/min  
Maximum input rated speed 1950 tr/min  
Poids à sec    
   Transmission 7624 lb 3458 kg
   Coupling 506 lb 230 kg
   Forward/Reverse 8F/0R  
Lubrication Requirement    
   Motor oil 15W-40  
Capacité 40 gal 151 L


Advertised Power: 2500 hp (1860 kW) @ 1900 rpm

Input Torque:  7080 lb-ft (9600 Nm)

Dual Clutch – No more coming off the torque curve during a shift event. The dual clutches transition in and out, keeping the engine at constant torque output.

Cummins Test of Pressure System (TOPS) – A 16.4:1 gear ratio allows the operator to perform pressure testing at idle speed with the ultrafine output control needed to ensure that underground piping is free of blockages and capable of handling pumping pressures.

Barring Device – Using a standard socket, the 9.7:1 gear ratio on the Cummins barring device provides a convenient way to turn the pump over when service is needed, while the operator stands safely on the ground.

PTO – Power take-off pods are located on the input side of the QTR, allowing for easier access.

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