Cummins F3.8 / F4.5 Structural Engine

F3.8 / F4.5 Structural Engine

Puissance 90 - 200 HP
67 - 149 kW
Couple 295 - 575 pi-lb
400 - 780 N•m
Certification Catégorie 4 finale/phase V

Designed for tractors

Cummins structural engine capability is now available at 3.8 and 4.5 liter displacements, ideal for small to medium sized tractors in the 90 – 200 hp power range.



Aperçu :

Performance that’s ground breaking

The F3.8 and F4.5 Performance Series engines are designed for small to medium sized tractors (90-200hp) required to perform a wide variety of tasks such as ploughing, seed drilling, bailing, trailer pulling and front loader work. Complete with a structural block and oil pan, the F3.8 and F4.5 are optimized for minimal weight with maximum strength for engine and driveline durability.

Both engines have customizable features to suit a variety of installations, including:

  • Oil pan
  • Fan hub position
  • Turbocharger type and position - Holset® wastegate turbocharging as standard with variable geometry turbocharging available for higher torque at a wider range of engine speeds
  • Aftertreatment packages

Cummins’ electronic control capability means that performance is tailored for on-farm operation with the optimum power bulge and torque back up available to suit tractor duty cycles

Performance Series for EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 Final

Cummins next generation Performance Series technology significantly improves the capabilities of our F3.8 engine, with 33% more power and 31% more torque versus the previous model. Pushing the power up to 173 hp has made the F3.8 a leader in its class, delivering high machine capability and substantial productivity benefits for farmers who operate Cummins powered equipment.

The F3.8 and F4.5 structural engines meet the latest EU and EPA emissions standards with Cummins Flex Module aftertreatment. Using the same technology as Cummins’ Single Module™ aftertreatment, but in a flexible two piece package, the Flex Module facilitates an EGR free design and is adaptable to suit the available space across a range of tractor designs. 



Modèle du moteur Cylindrée Alimentation : kW (HP) Peak Torque N•m (lb-ft)
F3.8 3,8 litres 67 - 123 (90 - 173) 700 (516)
F4.5 4,5 litres 129 - 149 (173 - 200) 780 (575)

The F3.8 and F4.5 structural engines are only available for agricultural tractor applications

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