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Coil coolers are one of the eco-friendly cooling systems for heat recovery from the Engines. It is also used to replace the radiators and heat exchangers with cooling towers in aftermarket.

Coil coolers are also called Remote Radiators, Air Cooled Fluid Coolers (ACFC) and Dry Cooling Towers (DCT).


  • Cooling medium is ambient air, 100% water saving.
  • No water treatment and chemicals required
  • No scale formation
  • No deration of DG set during extreme ambient conditions
  • Cooling tower, heat exchanger & water circulation pumps are not required if connected in primary circuit.
  • Substantial power saving during mild weather conditions
  • Low power factor
  • No air and water pollution
  • Maintenance free system
  • 2 years warranty in line with engine warranty
  • Attractive payback period
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