Puissance 1086 - 1260 HP
810 - 940 kW
Certification EPA Tier 2



Available Regions


Aperçu :

  • Single-Stage Holset Turbocharger - Lower intake air temperatures provide increased air density, resulting in more power and lower emissions.Cummins Mining Engine QSK38
  • Two-Stage Oil Filter - Combination full-flow and bypass oil filter reduces maintenance costs as it extends service intervals.
  • Longer-Lasting Intake and Exhaust Valves - Valves and seats are machined out of select materials for longer life. Les rotateurs à l'admission et à l'échappement garantissent une usure uniforme.
  • Precision-Honed Cylinder Liners - Precise liner machining with superior metal technology creates exceptional surface smoothness and durability.
  • Articulated Steel Pistons - 30% longer life, increased reliability and improved combustion are a result of the two-piece piston design.
  • Extra-Wide Gear Train - The gear train is quieter, longer-lasting and capable of handling high loads of injector pressures with ease.
Feature Caractéristiques techniques
Famille de moteurs QSK38
Engine Configuration Vee, 12 cylinder
Cylindrée 38 L
HP Range (diesel) De 1086 à 1260 HP
HP Range (gas) S.O.
Aspiration TA
Circuit d’alimentation Modulaire à rampe commune
Dimensions (mm) 2198 x 1491 x 1729
Weight (Kg) 4100
Émissions US EPA Tier II compliant

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