Cummins Service: Repowers

A Cummins service repower consists of removing the existing engine from inside a vehicle, boat, or a piece of equipment and replacing it with either a new or reconditioned (ReCon®) Cummins engine.

Repowers offer a great opportunity for customers to replace existing or obsolete engines but keep their current equipment. Cummins experienced aftermarket and engineering teams can help you complete a comprehensive repower package that maximises the life cycle of your equipment while meeting present and future emissions regulations.

Advantages of Engines Repowers include:

  • Broadest range of engine technology available: up to EU Stage V certified engines ranging from 30 - 3,500 hp.
  • Full-spectrum Equipment Assessment: Backed by extensive engine repower experience, our aftermarket and engineering teams will work with you to assess your equipment and operation to help determine the most cost-effective approach to repowering your equipment.
  • Superior Expertise: Equipment repowers are only effective when properly applied, installed and maintained. Our skilled application engineers and technicians ensure top performance and reliable operation.
  • Application and Installation Reviews: Our experience has shown that successful repower projects must include specific engineering reviews. Customer Engineering will review and sign off on every engine repower project.
  • Backed by Warranty Coverage: Cummins offers extensive warranty coverage available on all engine repower projects.

Cummins has the expertise to repower your vehicle, equipment, vessel with a new or reconditioned Cummins engine at most of our service locations in Europe.

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