Cummins Service: Engine Rebuilds

The Cummins service rebuild programme offers a range of rebuild options designed to meet the customer needs and to meet the life cycle needs of your Cummins engine. Cummins engine rebuilds focus on maximising the uptime of your equipment, whilst providing you with a rebuilt Cummins engine that delivers reliable and durable performance that will last.

Cummins European Service Centres

Cummins European service centres are fully equipped and highly specialised workshops, that use the latest tooling and equipment to meet high class rebuild quality standards, enabling Cummins to offer a comprehensive rebuild service from a complete “zero hour” rebuild to a customised repair. Cummins engine rebuilds are performed by intensively factory trained rebuild specialised Cummins technicians who have the ability to rebuild any Cummins engine using Cummins genuine new and recon parts.

Engine Overhauls

Cummins offers various overhaul options tailored to customer requirements. Trained and qualified technicians, using the latest tools and following a Cummins defined work process, execute the overhaul and repairs. After reassembling, the engines are fully tested.

Major Overhaul

The certified overhaul process, from teardown to final inspection, fits into a distinct three-phase flow:

  • Teardown, cleaning, component evaluation and inspection
  • Component sub-assembly and engine assembly
  • Dyno testing, final ‘dress’ and painting, along with final inspection

High Horse Power Engine Rebuilds

Cummins Europe has a comprehensive high horsepower engine rebuild programme for diesel engines from 19 - 60 litres. Cummins high horsepower engines can be rebuilt at Cummins European high horsepower service centres located in the UK, Turkey and Germany. These Cummins high horsepower service locations are fully equipped to teardown, inspect, (sub) assemble, dynotest and paint your engine, all in one location.

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