Cummins launches new smart connected engine for Freightliner Cascadia

Columbus, Indiana
Cummins Acumen - Freightliner Cascadia

Global power leader Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced the release of Cummins’ first connectivity-enabled X15 Efficiency series engine and new Endurant™ HD powertrain for Freightliner Trucks.

Available in the Cascadia line, Freightliner customers can take advantage of Cummins’ advanced engine computing module known as Acumen®, which comes factory installed and connects to Cummins’ technology platform for direct access to digital apps, over the air product enhancements, and future service integrations. 

"We're investing heavily in our technology and we are thrilled to launch our most advanced and connected engine with Freightliner," said Rob Neitzke, Cummins Engine Business OEM Leader. "The X15 Efficiency series with Acumen® allows us to better support Cummins customers over the life of their vehicle. The X15 with Acumen enables us to get ahead of future maintenance and service needs, as well as provide faster access to our Connected Solutions® and other digital features as they become available."

Promising to deliver superior ratings in Cummins' X15 Efficiency series for Cascadia, the new smart powertrains with Acumen® and Endurant™ HD allow improved fuel economy and drivability through industry-exclusive EX powertrain ratings, now available for Freightliner customers. Features such as On-Ramp Boost - which uses GPS to sense when a truck is entering an on ramp, then temporarily trades fuel economy for maximum torque to reduce the time needed to get to merging speeds - apply predictive services and geographic data for increased fuel economy, reduced trip times, and intuitive performance characteristics while keeping driver comfort and safety top of mind.

“The Freightliner Cascadia, paired with Cummins’ Acumen®-enabled X15 Efficiency engines will provide a great experience for customers while boosting their bottom line,” said Ryan Major, Product Manager, On-Highway Segment, Daimler Trucks North America.

"We’re making it easier for customers to start using Cummins’ remote engine monitoring, reporting, calibrating and servicing solutions with first-fit connectivity, while expanding over-the-air programming capabilities to all of our Cascadias."

Engines with Acumen® will be able to securely communicate information through cellular connectivity and provide Cummins and Freightliner with a deeper understanding of how vehicles operate in different environments and varying duty cycles. The new insights will be used to enhance machine learning and deliver more customized products and services, with a focus on personalized solutions that increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership, and optimize engine performance.

Cummins began manufacturing connected power solutions with Acumen® in August, starting with the X15 Efficiency series, with plans to expand Acumen® into other select engine and power system models in the near future. The Acumen® brand will designate Cummins products that include their own connectivity hardware - with both first-fit or aftermarket solutions expected to come to market in most of its key industries.

The efforts are part of the Cummins Digital Accelerator group’s commitment to help transform the company using innovative technology.

Acerca de Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc., un líder mundial en energía, es una corporación de segmentos de negocios complementarios que diseñan, fabrican, distribuyen y servicio una amplia cartera de soluciones de energía. Los productos de la compañía van desde motores diésel, gas natural, eléctricos e híbridos y componentes relacionados con el tren motriz que incluyen filtración, postratamiento, turbocompresores, sistemas de combustible, sistemas de control, sistemas de manejo de aire, transmisiones automatizadas, sistemas de generación de energía eléctrica, baterías, sistemas de potencia electrificada, productos de generación de hidrógeno y pilas de combustible. Con sede en Columbus, Indiana (EE. UU.), desde su fundación en 1919, Cummins emplea aproximadamente a 57,800 personas comprometidas con impulsar un mundo más próspero a través de tres prioridades de responsabilidad corporativa global fundamental para comunidades saludables: educación, medio ambiente e igualdad de oportunidades. Cummins atiende a sus clientes en línea, a través de una red de ubicaciones de distribuidores independientes y de propiedad de la empresa, y a través de miles de ubicaciones de distribuidores en todo el mundo, y ganó alrededor de $1.8 mil millones en ventas de $19.8 mil millones en 2020. Más información en .

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