Cummins needs your help in Texas

Cummins needs your help to continue supporting our customers in Texas. Email your state legislator today. 

Cummins TexasWe truly appreciate the work all of our customers do with Cummins and we strive to do all we can to provide you with the best service and support for our products. Our sales and service locations in Texas are vital to ensuring our customers have a place nearby for service work or to purchase parts.

We need your help to make sure we can continue to operate our sales and service locations in the state that you rely on.

We’re asking our customers in Texas to reach out to their local state legislators in support of SB 1267 and HB 2602. 

The passage of these two bills during the current Texas legislature will help ensure that our customers in Texas continue receiving the same level of service and support they’ve received from our distributor network, which has operated in Texas since 1934. 

Who is impacted if SB 1267 and HB 2602 fail to pass? 

If you own or operate any of the following Cummins-powered vehicles, or if you manage a fleet of Cummins-powered vehicles within the following industries or sectors, the level of service you're accustomed to receiving from Cummins in the state of Texas could be greatly impacted:

  • RV owners and operators
  • fire departments
  • municipalities
  • waste management services
  • small business owners
  • heavy duty truck drivers
  • building and construction owners
  • sanitation workers
  • contractors
  • homebuilders
  • fleet managers

Why SB 1267 and HB 2602 matter: 

Cummins Texas

SB 1267 and HB 2602 make a simple but very important technical clarification to the Texas dealer statute. This clarification will allow Cummins Inc. to continue operating in Texas as we do today.

Cummins has been an employer and community partner in Texas for over 85 years, employing more than 850 people and working with over 100 authorized independent dealers throughout the state. We also provide service and parts for customers that are not served by the traditional dealer network like fire trucks, municipal buses, school buses, refuse trucks and standby generators.

With your help and support, we’ll continue operating as we always have, providing stable, good-paying jobs to Texans, and excellent service and support to our on-highway customers.  

How You Can Help

Contact your state representative now, and ask them to support SB 1267 and HB 2602. You can locate and contact your legislator by following the instructions below:

  1. Find out who represents you in the Texas Senate. Click this link and enter your HOME address.
  2. Click on the name of your State Senator (3rd name on the list).
  3. On your senator’s website, click on the link to E-MAIL YOUR SENATOR.
  4. Find out who represents you in the Texas House. Click this link and enter your HOME address.
  5. Click on the name of your State Representative (2nd name on the list).
  6. On your representative’s website, click on the Email link.
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