Truck Engine Repair

Whether you are moving freight across country or making deliveries across town - Cummins knows that Every Minute Counts. Because of this, Cummins provides the service support you need, when you need it. Whether in the shop or in the field, every Cummins Distributor has the technical expertise, factory support, and experience to deliver fast high quality repairs to your heavy duty truck.

  • Maintenance, repair, and warranty for all Cummins Diesel and Natural Gas engines
  • Engine Repowers with new or ReCon Cummins engines
  • Exhaust aftertreatment installation and service
  • Availability of all Fleetguard Filters and Genuine Cummins Parts for over 8 million Cummins engines
  • Emergency service available

Usted depende de los expertos de su sucursal local de ventas y servicios de Cummins * para hacer mantenimiento a sus motores. Now depend on us to maintain your Eaton transmissions and clutches.

*services available in Nashville, TN; Henderson, CO; Grand Rapids, MI.

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