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Designed to go wherever you do, Cummins' new advanced portable generators bring together efficiency, power and performance. These three versatile and reliable products are all backed by Cummins' North American support network to ensure that you'll always have power when and where you need it most.

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Power Your Adventures

Built for Exploration

When your adventures take you off the grid, take us off the grid with you. Our Onan P2500i and Onan P4500i units are lightweight, versatile so you can power your towable camper, RV, and whatever else you need to make your adventures last.

Power your adventures

Potencie su mundo

Built for Durability

When you work hard, we work hard. Our Onan P2500i and Onan P9500df portable generator units are durable and efficient, which help you power your jobsite and tools.

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Power when you need it most

Built for Reliability

When the unpredictable causes power outages, we keep the lights on. Our Onan P9500df portable generator unit can be used as home emergency backup power in addition to our home and small business standby generator products, providing you power when you need it most.

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Cummins Portable Generator Lineup

p2500i portable generator

Onan P2500i

Running watts: 2200
Peak watts: 2500
Noise level: 52 dB

  • Quiet and durable - Double-insulated
  • Lightweight - Easy to carry
  • Keeps you connected - Low THD for clean power - perfect for sensitive electronics
  • Fuel efficient - 1 gallon fuel tank that runs 10 hours at 25% load

Manual del usuario

Explore the P2500i

Use the Onan P2500i to power...


cell phone icon

Cell phone
6 watts


blender icon.png

500 - 750 watts


tire warmer icon.png

Tire warmers
1150 watts (per set)




  • Small appliances
  • Artículos electrónicos

laptop icon

200 - 800 watts


printer icon

500 watts


lightbulb icon.png

Light bulb
7 watts




  • Fiesta en el estacionamiento (antes del partido)
  • Campamento

tv icon

150 - 300 watts


coffee maker icon

Coffee maker
500 - 800 watts


fan icon

55 - 100 watts


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p4500i portable generator

Onan P4500i

Running watts: 3700
Peak watts: 4500
Noise level: 52 dB

  • Push button and remote start - Pull cord backup
  • Quiet and durable - Double-insulated
  • Fuel efficient - 3.4 gallon fuel tank that runs 18 hours at 25% load
  • Lightweight - At 98 lbs. and with a telescopic handle and wheels it's lighter and easier to manage

Manual del usuario

Explore the P4500i

Use the Onan P4500i to power...


air conditioner

Air conditioner
1200 - 1800 watts


hair dryer

Hair dryer
1500 watts



400 - 600 watts



  • Medium appliances
  • RV use


650 watts


circular saw

Circular saw
500 watts



Wet/dry vac
1440 watts



  • Motor sports
  • Campamento


1500 watts


reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saw
500 watts


belt sander

Belt sander
1000 watt



  • Heavy duty chores


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P9500df product render

Onan P9500df

Running watts: 7500 gas | 6750 propane
Peak watts: 9500 gas | 8550 propane
Noise level: 74 dB

  • Push button and remote start - Pull cord backup
  • Dual fuel with the flip of a switch - Easily switch from gas to propane with a fuel capacity of 6.6. gallons
  • Essential data display - VFT Data Center displays volts, frequency and lifetime hours

Manual del usuario

Explore the P9500df

Use the Onan P9500df to power...


air conditioner

Air conditioner
1200 - 1800 watts


washing machine

Washing machine
1300 watts



  • Large appliances
  • Home emergency backup

compresor de aire

Compresor de aire
1200 - 2000 watts


power washer

Power washer
1500 watts



  • Food trucks
  • General contractor work

leaf blower

Leaf blower
1000 - 1200 watts


sump pump

Sump pump
500 - 1200 watts (running)
1000 - 2500 watts (starting)



  • Heavy duty chores


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Where to buy Cummins Onan Portable Generators

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Portable vs. standby - which generator is right for you?

Generator sales "spike around major storms - just before and a few weeks after - which means that too many buyers shop when the power's out."*

Los generadores de reserva para el hogar Cummins son los N.º 1 por un motivo: ofrecen una confiabilidad excepcional, lo que garantiza tranquilidad antes de que se produzca el corte de energía. No espere a que se produzca un corte de energía para comprar un generador.


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Financing through Synchrony

Rely on a brand that is synonymous with power. Cummins is now offering financing options through Synchrony Bank when your portable generator or home standby unit purchase is made with a credit card issued through Synchrony. Financing is only offered through participating dealers. Contact your local dealership to see if they offer financing.

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Partner with the experts in power

En Cummins, cumplir con nuestros objetivos estratégicos depende de poner al cliente en primer lugar y luchar por brindar un valor real en todo lo que hacemos. Currently, Cummins sells portable generators through our RV, commercial mobile, and home and small business power generation dealer networks. If you currently sell power generation products and are interested in carrying our portable generators at your dealership, we'd love to talk about partnership opportunities.

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Please use portable generators safely and responsibly according to the manufacturer's safety guidelines and user manual. The images on this page depict portable generators being used in outdoor and well-ventilated settings.

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