PowerCommand® Digital Master Controls

Your Access to Total Power System Control


The Cummins Digital Master Control (DMC) series enhances the control of power system assets at any site – anywhere – to ensure complete power control that is Always On.

By providing comprehensive design flexibility, control modularity, an enhanced user interface experience, and more than 1,200 failure scenarios your power system, whether a simple power system design or that of the most complex scenarios can be counted on to work seamlessly.  

For any application – any size the PowerCommand® Digital Master Controls portfolio is your key to fail-safe power. 

Digital Master Control Brochure for Download

PowerCommand® digital paralleling systems from Cummins provide more functionality and robust controls than any other paralleling system available today PowerCommand® controls are available in thousands of applications including electric generation and distribution systems, industrial plants, data centers, commercial buildings, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, transportation systems, pipeline stations, and more! 

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