Cummins QSK60G Generator

QSK60G Gas Generator Series

Frecuencia (Hz) 50, 60
Certificación Cumplimiento global
Tipo de combustible Gas de mezcla pobre

The QSK60G is an energy efficient gas generator series offering a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for Prime and Peaking Power applications.


Energía permanente Cogeneración

Visión general:


The QSK60G gas generator series is one of proven success with over 2GWE installed globally. The generator series provides excellent fuel efficiency, reliability, coupled with low maintenance costs to provide low total cost of ownership.


Industrias objetivo


Comercial e institucional Servicios públicos Industrial
Airports Vertedores Minería
Universities Plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales Fabricación
Centros de prisión Tendido de red Petróleo y gas
Centros comerciales Digestores anaeróbicos Invernaderos
  Productores de energía independiente Agricultura


World-Class Service and Support Network

With the largest global and local support footprint in the industry, Cummins owns, trains and controls its entire distributor network. You'll always have a direct connection to the people who know the QSK60G best, with factory-level expertise available at every level.

Map infographic

Modelo de grupo electrógeno C995N5C C1160N5C C1200N5C C1400N5C C1540N5CC C1000N6 C1250N6 C1350N6 C1000N6C C1100N6C C1400N6C
Hz 50 50 50 50 50 60 60 60 60 60 60
% Eficiencia eléctrica ISO 41.0 39.5 42.3 42.8 43.8 33.7 36.6 36.8 41.9 42.4 36.9
% Eficiencia térmica ISO 42.8 49.1 43.5 42.0 46.5       45.2 45.2 50.0
Consumo de combustible ISO Kw 2425 2940 2836 3270 3513 3115 3550 3803 3115 2597 3795
Calor útil Kw 1116 1554 1325 1479 1744       1269 2026
Data Sheet NAD - 6485 - EN D-3239 NAD - 5474 - EN NAD - 5478 - EN D-6019 D-6455  D-6454 D-6453 D-6203 D-6204 D-6452
Modelo de generador Hz Tipo de combustible Hoja de especificaciones
C995 N5C 50 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1160 N5C 50 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1466
C1200 N5C 50 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1400 N5C 50 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1540 N5CC 50 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1000 N6 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1623
C1250 N6 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1623
C1350 N6 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1623
C1000 N6C 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1100 N6C 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1552
C1400 N6C 60 Gas de mezcla pobre S-1466
  • Lean burn technology provides levels as low as 250mg/Nm3 (0.5g/hp-hr) NOx.
  • State of the art lean burn engine utilizes Miller cycle combustion and full authority electronic engine management system that provides low emissions and high efficiency of up to 43.8%
  • The PowerCommand 3.3 Generator set control is standard equipment, providing total generator set system integration including full paralleling capability in grid or load share mode, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, AmpSentry™ protection, output metering, auto-shutdown at fault detection and a user interface panel installed onto the generator set. También hay paneles de operación remota opcionales disponibles.
  • The generator set is equipped with the capability to interface with a remote radiator or heat exchanger.
  • Several alternator sizes offer selectable voltage and temperature rise with low reactance 2/3 pitch windings; low waveform distortion with non-linear loads, fault clearing short circuit capability, bearing and stator RTD's, anticondensation heater, class F or H installation (see alternator data sheet for details). Reforzado mecánicamente para usar en el paralalismo de servicios públicos con una red poco confiable.
  • Excitation system offers enhanced motor starting and fault clearing short circuit capability.

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