Cummins X15 Productivity Series Engine

X15 Productivity Series (2020)

Energía 430 - 605 hp
321 - 451 kW
Torsión 1650 - 2050 lb-ft
2237 - 2779 N•m

Designed To Handle The Heavy Lifting.

If you run concrete mixers, refuse vehicles, larger dump trucks or any other heavy application with severe duty cycles, Cummins new X15™ Productivity Series ratings have the torque, responsiveness and rugged durability that you demand.


Camión para trabajo pesado Fabricantes de equipos para camiones y de carrocería Motores para casa rodante y vehículo recreativo Incendio y emergencias

Visión general:

Easily recognized by the "V" designation on the ratings chart, Productivity Series ratings have a higher output capacity (up to 605 hp with 2050 lb-ft of peak torque) than any other engine in the 15-liter category. More important, the component set delivers superior responsiveness to throttle input - engineering-speak for plenty of muscle to get you rolling up to speed with a full load on hilly terrain.

The Best of Both Worlds.

2020 X15 Productivity Series ratings from 430-500 horsepower share a hardware set with the Cummins X15 Efficiency Series ratings. The higher output ratings from 565-605 hp use higher-capacity components from the X15 Performance Series ratings. This dual engineering strategy ensures that the X15 Productivity Series has the output required to meet power demands while optimizing fuel economy and operating costs. The rpm levels are set to match the job requirements of specific applications. Cummins continues to offer both Rear Engine Power Takeoff (REPTO) and Front Engine Power Takeoff (FEPTO) on X15 Productivity Series engines.

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Improvements Across The Board.

The X15 ratings for 2020 offer upgraded turbocharger aerodynamics and a high performance EGR cooler for overall air handling improvements for greater efficiency throughout the system. Even the X15's best-in-class engine braking has been improved with EGR Assist Braking. A more robust design means more reliable performance.

Uptime. All The Time.

When you purchase a piece of Cummins-powered equipment, you're getting more than just a powerful, reliable and durable engine. You're getting advanced technology and 24/7/365 coverage from Cummins Care, the most extensive and competent parts and service network (over 3500 locations) in North America. X15 engines are equipped with our proven Connected Diagnostics system for rapid analysis if a fault is triggered. Connected Calibrations,™ our Over-the-Air (OTA) engine customization technology, lets you upgrade your engine calibration on the job site. There's no need to visit a dealer to get the latest configuration. Everything we do is designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity - because that's the fastest route to greater profits.

Total Optimization.

Optimization with the X15 Productivity Series doesn't end with the base engine, in fact it only begins there. Cummins manufactures related technologies such as the Single Module aftertreatment, VGT turbocharger and Fleetguard filters to ensure that everything is integrated and optimized for your operation. Cummins has decades of experience in partnering with transmission manufacturers in order to collaborate on integrated powertrains. This means you're getting the best engine and best transmission for your application and they're optimized to work together seamlessly.


Potencia publicada 430-605 hp
321-451 kW
Torsión máxima 1650-2050 lb-ft
2237-2779 NM
Velocidad regulada 2000-2100 RPM
Torsión en acoplamiento del embrague 1000 lb-ft
1356 NM
Cantidad de cilindros 6
Peso del sistema 3152 lb
1430 Kg
Motor (seco) 2961 lb
1343 Kg
Sistema de postratmiento 191 lb
87 Kg


Nombre de modelo Potencia Peak Torque (Nm) RPM reguladas
X15 430V 430 (320 kW) 1650 a 950 2000
X15 470V 470 (350 kW) 1750 a 950 2000
X15 500V 500 (370 kW) 1850 a 950 2000
X15 565V 565 (420 kW) 1850 a 1150 2000
X15 605V 605 (450 kW) 1850 a 1150 2000
X15 605V 605 (450 kW) 2050 a 1150 2000


Casa rodante y vehículo recreativo 
565 - 605 hp (421 - 451 kW)
1850 - 1950 lb-ft (2508 - 2643 N•m)

Incendio y emergencias
505 - 605 hp (376 - 451 kW)
1850 - 2050 lb-ft (2508 - 2779 N•m)



  • VGT Turbocharger – Highly reliable and precise design for rapid acceleration
  • XPI Fuel System – High pressure enables multiple injection events per cycle for industry-leading fuel economy and quieter operation 
  • Single-Module™ Aftertreatment System – A compact and lightweight system that offers increased ash capacity and extended maintenance intervals 
  • Fleetguard Fuel And Lube Filters – Superior holding capacity provides better protection and enables longer service intervals 
  • High-Capacity Electronic Control Module – This allows full integration of data inputs from all subsystems, optimizing performance
  • Cummins Engine Brake – With up to 600 braking horsepower, it’s the most powerful in the industry. Stronger braking capacity reduces wear on service brakes and replacement costs
<5.0 – 5.9 MPG
6.0 – 6.9 MPG
>7.0 MPG
40,000 Km
40,000 Mi
64,000 Km
50,000 Mi
80,000 Km
75,000 Mi
120,000 Km
48,000 Km
45,000 Mi
72,000 Km
55,000 Mi
89,000 Km
80,000 Mi*
130,000 Km
X15 OIL DRAIN WITH CUMMINS OILGUARD extensiones disponibes extensiones disponibes extensiones disponibes 100,000 Mi*
112,000 Km
FUEL FILTER2 25,000 Mi
40,000 Km
40,000 Mi
64,000 Km
50,000 Mi
80,000 Km
75,000 Mi**
120,000 Km
400,000-640,000 Km
  400,000-600,000 Mi
640,000-960,000 Km
600,000- 800,000 Mi
960,000-1,300,000 Km
DEF FILTER 250,000 Mi
400,000 Km
  280,000 Mi
448,000 Km
300,000 Mi
480,000 Km
800,000 Km
  500,000 Mi
800,000 Km
500,000 Mi
800,000 Km

* Cummins recomienda Valvoline Premium Blue (PB 8600ES)
** Extending fuel filter interval from 60,000 miles to 75,000 requires use of extended filter available through Cummins service network.

1 - Intervalo de drenaje de aceite luego de un recorrido de hasta 80,000 millas con participación en el programa de análisis de aceite Cummins OilGuard.
2 - Para los usuarios de Premium Blue, los intervalos para el filtro de combustible son los mismos que los intervalos de drenaje de aceite.
3 - Maintenance lamp will illuminate when DPF cleaning.

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