Next Generation Agriculture Engines

Cummins Performance Series engine range is the reason you should choose Cummins. Delivering more with less for Stage V and Tier 4 Final installations, our latest engine line-up spans 100-675 hp (75-503 kW) and delivers more power, more productivity and more machine capability. All this with reduced total cost of ownership and less servicing.


Better performance with less size and weight

  • The F3.8, B4.5, B6.7 and L9 deliver 10% higher power and 20% more torque on average
  • EGR-free design from F3.8 – X12 means a smaller, lighter package and lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Four-cylinder F3.8 and B4.5 engines are best in class
  • B6.7 structural engine available for tractor applications
  • The latest Single Module™ aftertreatment technology for F3.8, B4.5, B6.7 and L9 engines is 40% smaller and 20% lighter than previous systems
  • Start-stop functionality delivers lower emissions, reduced noise levels and improved operating costs
  • All Performance Series engines are available as power units complete with aftertreatment, cooling system and auxiliaries

A common platform for Performance Series, Stage V/Tier 4 Final and lagging emissions facilitates common hook up points, reduced complexity and easier manufacturing processes for OEMs supplying equipment to multiple regions.

For more information about Performance Series engines and products for lagging emissions regions, use our Product Finder below:

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