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  1. First Thing First - The Service Value Package development begins with listening to our Customers with an open mind, and with a definite plan to implement what Customer expects. That is the reason we do extensive Customer satisfaction surveys across many markets, involving over thousand customers through renowned and experienced external agencies, apart from our internal Customer Survey. These surveys guide us for further improvement to enhance the customer care and maintain our excellence in service.
  2. Trace the Foot Prints - To know all our Customers we have a unique system of tracking Every Engine that is built in our plant. From the time it leaves our plant till the time the engine reaches you we track all engines through the Engine Dispatch Advise (EDA) and ensure that you get the 4 free Services over a period of 2 years. We proactively track your engine location and send the information to our area Dealers about the new equipment coming in his area. This enables him to organize the installation and commissioning Services.
  3. How Fast is Fast - Maximum Time to Restore (MTTR). In the unlikely event of a problem in a Cummins Engine under warranty, we ensure that the engine is put back on the road as fast as possible. Over the past several months the average time for restoration is 48 hours from the time we know the problem. We continuously track such an event and send the required parts from Pune and parts depots to any place through special courier. For this we keep a sufficiently large inventory of Spares and float engines both at Pune & in field locations. The Simplified warranty claim system ensures on the spot settlement through our dealer network.
  4. One Stop Shop - Service Contracts give Customers a choice of availing expertise of Cummins trained Engineers at a nominal cost. Periodic Service visit & engine health inspection at regular intervals ensures trouble free operation of your Cummins Engine. ’Single point Service Contract ‘ is your answer to a single Service source for your complete Generator set maintenance requirements. This program ensures that Cummins will look after everything that is part of your DG Set; troubleshoot the Complaints, be it Engine, Electrical, Alternator or Control Panel.  Cummins also helps customers’ staff by imparting important training on all systems of the DG Sets.We also help our customers in inventory planning and stocking of critical spares. We provide round the clock - 24 hours emergency Service.Thus you delegate all your responsibilities to Cummins.
  5. Complete Picture - All Diesel Engine needs various other inputs other than air and diesel. Coolant and Lubrication are vital for the smooth & trouble free operation of these engines. To offer all DG solutions at one point, Cummins identified the need to provide these products to the customers. Cummins therefore forged into an alliance with Valvoline Ltd USA ,a international brand in lubricants to develop specially formulated oil for Cummins Engines operating in India. We also introduced coolant concentrate and Pre-mixed coolants for all engine models. This means you can depend on Cummins Dealers for excellent quality of Service that is complete in all respect right from Filters to oil to Coolant .i.e. One call , complete maintenance. This helps our Customer to devote more time to their core Businesses.
  6. Availability Guarantee - From users Point of view, availability of engines is one thing which can never be overstressed, knowing this Cummins now Guarantees in Construction Projects as well as Genset hiring and Engine Hiring , the Minimum availability of engine per month. In most cases it is over 90% . This ensures that the engine is on road and running for doing the desired job and Cummins ensures that the necessary support is in place.
  7. Beyond Product Care -  Cummins Power Care is beyond traditional Product support. It ventures in to partnership with Customer for complete range of Customer support activities. Support Plans are developed for our many fleet owners to suit their unique operational needs. We promise to provide under these support plans, what is important to Customer - - Uptime, availability of spares, Training, ReConditioning/rebuilding.
  8. Cummins Care is Everywhere - Cummins has a nationwide network of around 42 Dealers in more than 212 locations 4 ZonalOffices ,19 Area offices, 7 Parts depots and 4 EDO support locations including Pune. We are spread over India, Nepal and Bhutan to ensure that Cummins Service is available in close proximity. Also, Our customer support services are available 24X7.
  9. World Class Parts Support - Cummins Parts Distribution system is designed to make things easier and faster for our Customers.
  10. First Pass Fill -  At Cummins we understand that it is important for you to get all the parts you ordered in the shortest time possible. To evaluate our performance we have a system called First Pass Fill. We monitor the percentage of parts delivered to our Customer within a stipulated time period. Continuous analysis of inventory and planning is the key to achieve our Goal of 100 % fulfillment of Customer's Order in the very first attempt. You Own the Best, Repair with the Best.
  11. Service Delivery Process - We understand the importance of changing with times… the new service delivery process was one such initiative wherein we broadened our focus from just warranty engine to every service event.

Some of the features of the new service delivery process are:

  • Online / On call service request number creation and communication to the customer through auto SMS.
  • Introduction of new role of Service advisor at dealership
  • IT development of event updation by service advisor and auto internal escalation process.
  • Clarity of service roles and responsibilities.
  • Pro – active communication to customer through SMS regarding service event updates.
  • Linkage of EDO / BDO with Service request number.
  • Role Clarity for SPC, Service Advisor & Service Manager at dealership.

Our aim has always been to fulfill the service requirements of our customers in the best possible way and we would continue to the do the same for years to come.


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