Energía 295 - 525 hp
220 - 391 kW
Certificación EPA Tier 2


Compressor Construcción Ferroviario

Available Regions


Visión general:

  • CELECT Electronics -  Provide superior fuel economy, improved engine response and internal diagnostics.
  • Cummins 4 x 60 Turbocharger - Provides strong low-end torque and excellent transient response.
  • Articulated Steel Pistons - Deliver 30% longer life with increased reliability and improved combustion.
  • Swirl-Port Cylinder Head - provides advanced airflow to reduce emissions and increase low-end torque.
  • System with ECM 876 SAE-B Hydraulic Pump Drive - Delivers significantly more capacity than competitive drives.
  • Oil Filter combination of full flow and bypass - Improves filtration while minimizing replacement costs.
  • Cylinder liners - Precision-honed for reduced cylinder wear and extra-long life.
  • Rear Engine Power Take off option is available.
Feature Especificaciones
Familia de motores QSN14
Engine Configuration Inline, 6 cylinder
Desplazamiento 14 L
HP Range (diesel) 295-525 HP
Emisiones US EPA Tier 2 Compliant

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