Energía 760 - 950 hp
567 - 708 kW
Certificación Etapa IIIA UE, nivel 2 EPA



Available Regions


Visión general:

El QSK23 de Cummins comparte el diseño probado de cilindro de potencia de nuestros motores QST30 y QSK78, para confiabilidad y durabilidad con la que puede contar. Todos los días y todos los años. Here are just some of the heavy-duty components that make the QSK23 an excellent choice for the largest construction equipment.Cummins Construction Engine QSK23

  • One-Piece Cast Iron Block- Heavy-duty design with wide cylinder spacing for long life and excellent rebuild ability.
  • Full-Authority Electronic Controls- Sophisticated electronic controls optimize combustion based on engine load, atmospheric conditions, even fuel quality; they also provide advanced monitoring, diagnostic and reporting capabilities, with integrated engine protection features
  • High-Pressure Injection- Works at up to 29,000 psi to optimize engine response with the best fuel economy and lowest emissions
  • Precision-Honed Cylinder Liners- Precise liner machining with superior metal technology creates exceptional surface smoothness and durability; made of ferrous cast ductile iron so that expansion and contraction won't cause excess wear
  • Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron Pistons- For even expansion and contraction during thermal cycles; the same technology found in our 3500-hp QSK78
  • Large-Diameter Camshaft- 105 mm of hardened surfaces handle high load capacities; created specifically to work with high-pressure injection systems
  • Rear Gear Train- Significantly reduces engine noise
  • Seven-Bolt Cylinder Head- Delivers increased clamping force, enabling high cylinder and injector pressures
  • Two-Stage Oil Filter- Combination full-flow and bypass oil filter reduces maintenance costs as it extends service intervals
Feature Especificaciones
Familia de motores QSK23
Engine Configuration Inline, 6 cylinder
Desplazamiento 23 L
HP Range (diesel) 760-950 HP
HP Range (gas) N/C
Aspiración TA, TAA
Sistema de combustible High Pressure Injection (HPI)
Dimensions (mm) 1994 x 1068 x 1694 mm
Weight (Kg) 2858 Kg
  • US EPA Tier II Compliant
  • EU Stage IIIA Compliant

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