Energía 506 - 800 hp
377 - 597 kW
Certificación Nivel 3 EPA, Nivel 2 EPA



Available Regions


Visión general:

  • Extra-Wide Gear Train - Quieter, longer lasting and capable of handling high loads with ease.
  • Single-Stage Holset Turbocharger - Lower intake air temperatures provide increased air density, resulting in more power and lower emissions from less fuel.
  • Full-Authority Electronics - Programmable electronic controls optimize combustion at all altitudes and conditions. Un módulo de control electrónico CM850 mejorado impulsa un desempeño superior con el doble de la velocidad de procesamiento que su predecesor.
  • Two-Stage Oil Filter - Combination full-flow and bypass oil filter reduces maintenance costs as it extends service intervals.
  • Precision-Honed Cylinder Liners - Precise liner machining with superior metal technology creates exceptional surface smoothness and durability.
  • Power Cylinder Package - Proven single-piece ferrous cast ductile iron pistons for maximum durability and reliability. This advanced design also uses nitride liners and cast-iron top rings to handle injection pressures with exceptional durability.
  • High-Durability Camshaft - Micro finishing makes it last twice as long as previous designs. Un mejor contacto entre la cruceta y la tapa de balancines reduce el desgaste y mejora la durabilidad.
  • Fleetguard® ES Filtration - Fleetguard's ES oil filter keeps your equipment on the job with a combination full-flow and bypass design that simplifies service and reduces replacement costs.
Feature Especificaciones
Familia de motores QSK19
Engine Configuration In Line, 6 cylinder
Desplazamiento 19 L
HP Range (diesel) 506-800 HP
HP Range (gas)  
Aspiración TA, TAA
Sistema de combustible HPI & MCRS Options available
Dimensions (mm) 1679 x 872 x 1616
Weight (Kg) 2057
Emisiones US EPA Tier II / III Compliant

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