Energía 1600 - 1800 hp
1193 - 1342 kW
Certificación No regulado


Marina/Naval Petróleo y gas Bomba

Available Regions


Visión general:

  • PT Fuel System - uses the time-tested and proven PT fuel system for high performance and Cummins Oil and Gas Engine K50ease of maintenance. Los inyectores PT están fabricados para manejar altas presiones con el fin de favorecer la óptima combustión.
  • Fillet-Hardened Crankshaft – smaller bolt circle and rolled threads for strength and durability
  • Cummins Prelub System – Distributes and pressurizes oil in the engine before cranking can occur, and is proven to greatly extend life-to-rebuild.
  • Galley-cooled pistons – reduced piston crown temperatures by as much as 100°F (38°C) for enhanced durability, reduced piston ring wear and 30% longer cylinder life.
  • Turbochargers – Custom-built for K Series engines and are available in single-stage or two-stage configurations to meet any application’s requirement.
Feature Especificaciones
Familia de motores K50
Engine Configuration Vee, 16 cylinder
Desplazamiento 50.25 L
HP Range (diesel) 1600-1800 HP
HP Range (gas) 750-800 HP
Aspiración TA, TTAA
Sistema de combustible Cummins Pressure Time (PT)®
Dimensions (mm) 2794 x 1422 x 1882
Weight (Kg) 5293
Emisiones Non Certified (Industrial)

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