x15 marine diesel engine

X15 for Marine

Power 450 - 600 hp
336 - 447 kW
Certification Tier 3 / Stage IIIA, IMO Tier II

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Proven power for any marine need

No one has more riding on their engines than commercial and recreational marine owners. That’s why the X15 engine’s proven track record of over two million engines produced and in use matters. Available for both propulsion and auxiliary power for marine applications, the X15 has been specially adapted with corrosion-resistant, marine-grade materials. It includes complete engine protection capabilities, fuel sensor, gear pressure, and temperature monitoring as well as digital start/stop functionality. The X15 offers strong performance in an efficient envelope which makes it ideal for inland waterway applications.

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Propulsion Power

Whether you’re looking to power recreational pleasure cruises, a sport-fishing vessel for landing your trophy catch, a fleet of passenger fast-ferries or a pushboat that can move loads upstream in an inland waterway, there is an X15 propulsion rating that is right for your needs. Variable-speed propulsion ratings range from 456 - 608 hp (336 - 447 kW) with braking power of up to 600 BHP. The X15 gives you reduced fuel consumption, without reduced performance as an efficient option for a new build or a repower.

Auxiliary Power

Constant-speed auxiliary ratings for your power generation needs are available at 50 or 60 hz with 507 horsepower (373 kW). The X15 can be paired with the alternator of your choice, including Stamford AvK offerings.

Performance, Convenience, Dependability

Best-in-class power density yields exceptional performance from a compact package that’s easy to install and maintain. Advanced high-pressure combustion technology has multiple benefits such as running cleaner, more efficiently, smoother and quieter for a low total cost of operation (TCO). Cummins is so confident in the total reliability of the X15 that we provide an industry-leading two-year comprehensive warranty, with an option to extend your warranty period, valid everywhere around the globe. Whether you are looking for a main propulsion engine or auxiliary power, Cummins X15 leaves the competition in its wake. The X15 meets IMO Tier II and EPA Tier 3 emission standards.

Configuration In-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged / Aftercooled
Displacement 14.9 L (912 in3)
Bore & Stroke 137 X 169 mm (5.39 X 6.65 in)
Rotation Counterclockwise facing flywheel 
Fuel System

Cummins XPI Fuel System

Advertised Horsepower

450-600hp (336-447 kW)

Peak Torque

1650-2050 lb-ft (2237-2779 Nm)

Governed Speed

1800 rpm

Number of Cylinders



Product Dimensions and Weight


Overall Length

mm (in)



Length of Block

mm (in)



Overall Width

mm (in)



Overall Height

mm (in)




kg (lb)



Dimensions may vary based on selected engine configuration




X15 Propulsion Engines (Variable Speed Ratings) Horsepower (kW) Speed (RPM)

Rated Speed

Gal/hr (Lhr)


Gal/hr (L/hr)

X15-M 450 (336) 1800 24.0 (90.9) 61.3 (24.0) IMO2, EPA3
X15-M 450 (336) 1800 21.7 (82.3) 57.6 (15.2) IMO2
X15-M 500 (373) 1800 25.8 (97.8) 57.6 (15.2) IMO2, EPA3
X15-M 500 (373) 1800 24.0 (90.9) 67.2 (17.8) IMO2, EPA3
X15-M 575 (429) 1800 24.0 (90.9) 63.1 (16.7) IMO2, EPA3
X15-M 600 (447) 1800 28.8 (109.1) 78.1 (20.6) IMO2, EPA3


X15 Auxiliary Engines (Variable Speed Ratings) Horsepower (kW) Speed (RPM)

Rated Speed

Gal/hr (Lhr)


Gal/hr (L/hr)

X15-DM 500 (373) 1500 (50 Hz) 23.3 (88.4) 45.2 (11.9) IMO2
X15-DM 500 (373) 1500 (50 Hz) 24.5 (92.8) 50.1 (13.2) IMO2
X15-DM 500 (373) 1800 (60 Hz) 25.4 (96.0) 48.1 (12.7) IMO2, EPA3
X15-DM 570 (425) 1800 (60 Hz) 27.4 (103.9) 52.7 (13.9) IMO2


*Average fuel consumption based on ISO 8178 E3 Standard Test Cycle (variable speed models) and ISO 8178 D2 Standard Test Cycle (fixed speed models)

Engine Design – Robust engine block designed for continuous duty operation and long life. Single cylinder head with four valves per cylinder enhances performance. Base engine design has been in the market for over 15 years.

Fuel System – Cummins XPI Fuel System, High Pressure Common Rail

Lubrication System – Cast aluminum oil pan designed to resist corrosion, spin-on Fleetguard oil filters

Cooling System – Front mount and low profile Heat exchanger or Keel cool with one loop system and high flow pump

Air Intake System – Cummins Turbo Technologies HX60 turbocharger optimized for marine applications

Exhaust System – Dry exhaust manifold to deliver improved fuel economy

Electrical System – 24v system with marine grade wiring harness and instrument panels

Electronics – Cummins Engine Control Module CM2350 provides engine protection through de-rates and automated engine shutdown to prevent catastrophic failures. CM2350 also provides fuel sensor monitoring, gear pressure and temperature as well as digital engine start/stop functionality. Available 24V system and standard marine grade wiring harness.

Certifications – Complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage 3a and IMO Tier II emissions regulations

Optional Equipment

  • C Command Connect available or open architecture
  • Flywheel housing: SAE0
  • Vessel System Integration: ED-4 displays—rudder position, fuel level, ONAN Gen Set information
  • Hydraulic Pump Drive: SAE B flanges
  • Front PTO available

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