X12 Overview Image

X12 (2018)

Power 350 - 500 hp
261 - 373 kW
Torque 1250 - 1700 lb-ft
1695 - 2305 N•m



Refuse Truck

Tank Truck

Concrete Mixer

Fire Apparatus

Motorhome and RV

Refuse Truck Tanker Truck Concrete Truck Fire Apparatus Motorhome_300px.jpg

*Images not inclusive of all applications available with a Cummins X12 engine.


Productivity has a New Liter. 12. Cummins X12™ redefines the entire medium-bore engine category (10L-13L), setting new standards for productivity in regional haul, vocational (e.g. refuse, mixer) and intermodal truck applications. 

The combination of power and efficiency is striking. You can gear the X12 to pass traffic in the left lane and still have plenty of fuel left in the tank for every job.

Worth the Weight. The performance is not just unchallenged, it’s unbeatable. At just 2,050 pounds – at least 150 pounds lighter than the next-closest competitive engine and about 600 pounds lighter than its predecessor – the X12 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any heavy-duty engine from 10 liters to 16 liters in size.

What does an additional 600 pounds get you?

  • 97 more gallons of fuel in your tanker 
  • 27 more bags of waste in your residential refuse truck
  • Superior flexibility in cab design for your fire apparatus 

Cummins provides specific support for TEM and Body Builder companies that use Cummins power to drive devices, either directly from the engine or through alternate means such as the transmission and/or transfer case.

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