QST30 engine

QST30 for Oil & Gas

Power 1200 - 1500 hp
895 - 1119 kW
Torque 3750 - 4877 lb-ft
5084 - 6612 N•m

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Your business depends on people and equipment that can get the job done every day. The Cummins QST30 is proven diesel power you can count on for around-the-clock performance, around the globe, in the toughest possible conditions. No matter how demanding your application, the QST30 combines full-authority Quantum System electronics with higher horsepower and robust torque to handle every challenge.

For years, it has delivered exceptional performance and durability with low maintenance and operating costs. Available in ratings from 1200-1500 hp, the QST30 uses advanced electronics and robust features for superior reliability and durability.

Every QST30 engine comes with a full-coverage base warranty on the engine and branded components with unlimited hours during the first year of operation, with 3-year/10,000-hour standard protection on major components.

The QST30 delivers more power and more torque in a smaller package than competitive diesels. Known for its flexible calibrations, excellent power density, economical operation and exceptional uptime, the QST30 sets the standard for rugged dependable power. Every day. Every week. Every year.


The QST30 is an excellent choice to replace a number of engines. Repowers are available with air-to-air cooling (for equipment which has to meet emissions standards) or jacket-water aftercooling (for non-emissionized equipment).

If you have an older competitive engine, you'll find that replacing it with the QST30 gives you up to 25% more power and torque, better fuel economy and longer service intervals, for increased productivity with lower costs. Every time.


Engine Type Vee, 12-Cylinder
Displacement 1861 cu in 30.5 liters
Advertised Horsepower 1200-1500 hp 895-1119 kW
Peak Torque 3750-4877 lb-ft 5084-6612 N•m
Bore and Stroke 5.51 in x 6.50 in 140 mm x 165 mm
Aspiration 2P/2L and Charge Air Cooled
Oil System Capacity 34.9 U.S. gallons 132 liters
Coolant Capacity 22.2 U.S. gallons 84 liters
Length 76.1 in 1933 mm
Width 59.3 in 1506 mm
Height 67.3 in 1709 mm
Weight (Dry) 7,337 lb 3,328 kg

Cummins QST30 shares the proven power cylinder design of our massive QSK78 engine, for reliability and durability you can count on. Here are some of the heavy-duty components that make the QST30 the right choice for your applications:

  • Holset HX82 Turbochargers - Designed for improved air handling with an extended life-to-rebuild.
  • Full-Authority Electronic Controls - Quantum System provides engine control and monitoring for superior performance, fuel efficiency, diagnostics and prognostics. There are several programmable parameters which lets you customize engine performance to equipment use.
  • CENSE™Advanced Engine Monitoring - Allows you to monitor engine performance cylinder by cylinder on a real-time basis. Also provides trending charts for preventive maintenance planning.
  • Ductile Iron Pistons - Provide increased strength and durability to handle increased cylinder pressures for longer life-to-overhaul while allowing higher ratings over larger displacement engines with aluminum pistons.
  • Bosch RP39 Fuel Pump - Highly reliable, highly durable. Provides the higher injection pressures needed for higher horsepower with lower emissions.
  • CENTINEL™Advanced Engine Oil Management System - Totally eliminates oil changes when used in conjunction with an oil quality program.
  • Advanced Valve Metallurgy - Exhaust valves are stellite-faced for longer life. Intake valves have a nitride coating, with triballoy valve seats and chrome stems for reduced wear.
  • High-Capacity Oil Pump and Pan - Provide superior lubrication for longer component life and extended service intervals.
  • Swirl-Port Cylinder Head - Provides advanced airflow to reduce emissions and increase low-end torque.
  • Electric Fuel Lift Pumps - Eliminate the need for manual priming of the fuel system and provide for quicker, more reliable starts.
  • Prelub Starter - Prevents starts without oil pressure and dry starts, resulting in increased life-to-rebuild.

The less time an engine spends in service, the more productive it is on the job. That's why Cummins QST30 engines come with a high-capacity oil pan and pump.

Maintenance Intervals.

The increased capacity of the QST30, along with advanced Fleetguard® oil filters, lets you operate the QST30 for 250 hours or 6 months between oil and oil filter changes. Beyond the 250-hour/6-month requirement, an oil analysis program is strongly recommended. If equipped with optional Cummins CENTINEL™ and Fleetguard's ES oil filter, the filter change interval can be extended to 1,000 hours and the oil change interval can be extended to 4,000 hours.

Also standard is our Prelub system, which prevents starts without oil pressure and dry starts, resulting in an increased life-to-rebuild on every QST30.

For complete maintenance information, please consult your Owner's Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual.

Cummins QuickServe®.

Cummins QuickServe offers you factory-certified technicians, the most sophisticated diagnostic and repair tools in the industry, and the largest international parts and service network of any engine manufacturer. Our worldwide team of mobile service technicians is always ready to deliver service when and where you need it. Every minute. Every day. Every year.

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