QST30 Well Servicing Applications

Power 850 - 1500 hp
634 - 1119 kW
Torque 4389 - 4389 lb-ft
5951 - 5951 N•m
Certification Tier 1


Oil and Gas Engines Well Servicing


In demanding oil and gas applications, dependability is everything. That’s where the superior uptime and productivity of the QST30 makes the difference. Dependability makes the QST30 the right engine choice. Every time. Its V-12 configuration offers up to 1500 hp (1117 kW) to easily handle high load factors.

A sophisticated electronic control system and extended maintenance features help keep fuel economy up and operating costs down. So whether you are spec’ing new equipment or repowering an existing unit, the QST30 is the best way to improve performance, productivity and profits.


The QST30 delivers more power and more torque in a smaller package than competitive diesels. Known for its flexible calibrations, excellent power density, economical operation and exceptional uptime, the QST30 sets the standard for rugged dependable power.

The QST30 is an excellent choice to replace a number of engines – including some of our own. It has significantly more power, as much as 50% longer life-to-rebuild and better fuel economy than the Cummins V28, even though it is virtually the same size. Repowers are available with air-to-air cooling (for equipment which has to meet emissions standards) or jacket-water aftercooling (for non-emissionized equipment).

If you have an older competitive engine, you’ll find that replacing it with the QST30 gives you up to 25% more power and torque, better fuel economy and longer service intervals, for increased productivity with lower costs. Every Well.

Warranty – The best warranty in the business, which includes full coverage for unlimited hours during the first year, extending through two years or 2,000 cumulative hours (whichever comes first). The base warranty also includes 3-year/10,000-hour standard protection on major components. Extended warranties are available as well.

*The QST30 meets Tier 2 standards in the U.S. now, which went into effect in 2006 for engines over 750 hp (560 kW).

V-12, 4-Cycle, Diesel Engine

Bore 5.51 in (140 mm)
Stroke 6.50 in (165 mm)
Displacement 30.5 L (1861 cubic in)
Engine Power*

850-1500 hp (634-1119 kW)

Aspiration Turbocharged and Aftercooled
Wet Weight** 7337 lb (3328 kg)
Coolant Capacity 22.2 gal (84 L)
Lube Oil Capacity 34.9 gal (132 L)
Rotation Clockwise (viewed from the front of the engine)

* Rating dependent
** Weight is approximate and varies with options.

Model Advertised Power BHP (kW) Peak Torque lb-ft (Nm) Emissions Certification Level
QST30 1500 (1119) @ 1900 rpm 4389 (5951) @ 1400 rpm Non-Certified
QST30 1350 (1007) @ 1900 rpm 4389 (5951) @ 1400 rpm Non-Certified
QST30 1050 (783) @ 2100 rpm 3414 (4629) @ 1300 rpm Tier 2

G-Drive Ratings



Model Advertised Power BHP (kW) Hz Rating Emissions Certification Level
QST30 1350 (1007) @ 1800 rpm 60 Tier 2
QST30 1180 (880) @ 1500 rpm 50/60 Non-Certified



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