Cummins QSK95 engine for mining applications

QSK95 for Mining

Power 3800 - 4400 hp
2834 - 3281 kW
Torque 11244 - 13020 lb-ft
15245 - 17653 N•m

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Power like no other

There’s no substitute for power – and across the mining sector, engines don’t get more powerful than the QSK95. The QSK95 offers the lowest cost of production and highest performance in its class, with availability that comes with legendary Cummins reliability.

Producing up to 4400 horsepower, the QSK95 is not only Cummins most powerful engine: it’s the most powerful in the ULTRA-class truck category. It offers optimum power-to-weight ratio for 400T haul trucks, engine ratings to maximize fuel efficiency and productivity, and power at high altitude thanks to specially designed single-stage turbocharging.

The QSK95 is a clean sheet engine platform designed specifically to thrive against key mining requirements – reliability or up-time, faster cycle time, increased power at altitude, fuel economy, service repair time, life to overhaul, and ability to remanufacture the engine system.

Whether it’s performance, reliability, serviceability, or sociability, the QSK95 has several unique features that help it stand above its competition and deliver a compelling value proposition:

  • Superior density - The QSK95 produces up to 4,400 hp, enabling faster cycle time and high performance.
  • Longer power, longer life - The 16-cylinder design means fewer moving parts with more robust bearings which leads to longer life to overhaul (LTO).
  • Easy servicing - The QSK95 has single stage turbo charging with only 4 turbos. The oil coolers are on the outside of the engine, and the lube coolers are also external. Both features improve engine serviceability and overall ergonomics.
  • Power at altitude - Specially designed single-stage turbocharging system means the QSK95 reliably maintains big power, even at high altitudes.
  • Improved sociability - The QSK95 has been created with the operator in mind, with a stiffened engine block and V16 cylinder set up that reduces vibration and noise.

The QSK95 is designed and developed to lower the cost of production by improving productivity and reducing operating costs. Proven worldwide with over 1,200 QSK95 engines operating in 36 different countries across a wide range of applications such as rail, marine and power generation. The QSK95 combined with Cummins service and support, is power combination mighty hard to beat.


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