QSK60 for Mining (Tier 4 Final/Stage V)

Power 1875 - 2850 hp
1398 - 2125 kW
Torque 6169 - 8274 lb-ft
8364 - 11218 N•m
Certification Tier 4 Final/Stage V


Mining Engines


In demanding mining applications such as excavators, haul trucks and wheel loaders, dependability is everything. That’s where the superior uptime and productivity of the Tier 4 Final QSK60 make a difference. Its V16 configuration offers up to 2850 hp (2125 kW) in mining applications, with simplified air handling, reduced complexity and improved serviceability. The proven QSK60 platform delivers high reliability and outstanding durability, with no loss of power or torque. Heat rejection is similar to the Tier 2 engine, so there is no need to re-engineer the cooling package. The fully integrated aftertreatment unit replaces the muffler in your equipment, minimizing design modifications. The combination of higher productivity and lower operating costs is performance that pays.

  • Base engine – A redesigned power cylinder, optimized wastegate turbocharger and improved crankcase breather system work to keep particulate matter (PM) levels low while maintaining durability and reliability. The QSK60 achieves nearly 1.1 million gallons-to-overhaul.

  • Fuel system – The Cummins Modular Common Rail Fuel System (MCRS) uses increased injection pressure and larger injector accumulator volume, for reduced PM and improved fuel economy. The leakless injector has increased fueling precision and timing control, for reduced parasitic losses, reduced fuel heating and improved fuel economy. An improved pilot valve resists wear, for enhanced reliability and durability. The fuel pump has an improved tappet design and fuel cooling of pumping elements, which contribute to longer component life.

  • Air handling – The simplified configuration of the wastegate turbochargers and intercoolers allows access to the top end of the QSK60 without removal of the air-handling system, even on our two-stage engines. Its altitude capacity exceeds the 10,500-ft requirement for Tier 4 Final engines in North America.

  • Lubrication and filtration – NanoNet® filtration captures and retains more harmful particles than traditional media, for longer fuel pump and injector life with better reliability. Oil and fuel filter change intervals have been increased to 500 hours.

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) – Cummins modular SCR system features an integrated decomposition chamber and a Cummins airless Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dosing system designed to last the life of the engine. The use of SCR minimizes engine backpressure, for increased fuel economy. Optimized temperature management minimizes DEF consumption.

Every Customer. Supported.
Cummins high-horsepower engines are supported through our network of more than 600 global authorized distributor locations. Cummins-certified technicians are fully trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, for fast, accurate service to support customers around the globe.

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For additional details about the Cummins Tier 4 Final QSK60 for use in mining applications, contact your Cummins distributor.

Engine type 60° vee, 16-cylinder
Displacement 3,661 cu in 60.0 liters
Bore and stroke 6.26 in x 7.48 in 159 mm x 190 mm
Oil system capacity 275 U.S. qt 261 liters
Coolant capacity 180 U.S. qt 170 liters
Aspiration Single-stage
Aftercooled and
Length 114.7 in (2,914 mm) 114.3 in (2,903 mm)
Width  68.5 in (1,740 mm) 68.6 in (1,742 mm)
Height  83.6 in (2,123 mm) 82.9 in (2,106 mm)
Dry weight 17,857 lb (8,100 kg) 19,423 lb (8,810 kg)
Wet weight 18,858 lb (8,554 kg) 20,424 lb (9,264 kg)
Model Advertised power
bhp (kW)

Peak torque
 lb-ft (N•m)

QSK60-1875 1875 (1398) @ 1800 6169 (8364) @ 1500 Single-stage
QSK60-1944 1944 (1450) @ 1800 6169 (8364) @ 1500 Single-stage
QSK60-2000 2000 (1491) @ 1800 6570 (8907) @ 1500 Single-stage
QSK60-2300 2300 (1715) @ 1800 6677 (9053) @ 1500 Single-stage
QSK60-2500 2500 (1864) @ 1900 7257 (9839) @ 1500 Single-stage
QSK60-2700 2700 (2013) @ 1900 8267 (11208) @ 1500 Two-stage
QSK60-2850 2850 (2125) @ 1900 8274 (11218) @ 1500 Two-stage

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