QSK60 (EPA Tier 4/IMO III)

Power 2000 - 2700 hp
1491 - 2013 kW
Certification EPA Tier 4, IMO III


Marine Marine Auxiliary Engines Commercial Marine Marine Propulsion Engines


  • Designed to withstand the challenging conditions commercial marine operators often face; this same reliable, durable power is now available for recreational boating applications, including super yachts and yacht support vessels
  • Improved idle stability and reduced noise and vibration are a direct result of the Cummins Modular Common Rail fuel system
  • In-cylinder technology to meet IMO Tier II/III and EPA Tier 3; the exhaust aftertreatment system, using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, meets EPA Tier 4 and IMO III. 
  • Covered by a comprehensive one year warranty and backed by Cummins global service network
  • Built at Daventry Engine Plant in Daventry, U.K.

General Specifications

  • Configuration: V-16 cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged / Aftercooled
  • Displacement: 60 L [3661 inches cubed]
  • Bore and Stroke: 159 x 190 mm [6.25 x 7.48 in]
  • Rotation: Counterclockwise facing flywheel
  • Fuel System: Modular Common Rail

Product Dimensions


  • Overall Length / mm / 3353
  • Overall Height / mm / 2171
  • Overall Width / mm / 1781
  • Weight / Kg / 8754


  • Weight / Kg / 1400

Total Package Weight

  • Engine and Aftertreatment / Kg / 10154
Rating Power (hp) Rated RPM Fuel Burn BSFC (g/kW-hr) Rated DEF %
Variable Speed Ratings (Propulsion)
Continuous 2000 1600 92.3 197 6.6
Continuous 2200 1800 104.7 203 5.3
Heavy Duty 2500 1900 123.8 211 4.5
MCD 2700 1800 130.7 206 5.2
Fixed Speed Ratings
60 Hz - Prime 2683 1800 140.9 201.2 5.5


Engine Design – Robust engine block designed for continuous duty operation and long life. Metric o-ring seals and edge molded gaskets eliminate fluid leaks. Ductile single-piece iron piston design with hardened liners and nitride coated rings for exceptional durability. No matter the vessel, Cummins will keep you always on.

Fuel System – Modular Common Rail Fuel System, including New Tier 4 Fuel Pump with Rock Catcher, provides constant high injection pressure regardless of engine speed or load condition. Benefits include low noise and vibration for quiet operation, idle stability and improved low-end torque.

Cooling System – Low temperature aftercooling. Engine-mounted titanium plate heat exchanger provides superior durability with minimal maintenance requirements.

Exhaust System – Dry exhaust manifold with water shielding for reduced fuel consumption and improved performance.

Air System – Cummins turbochargers optimized for marine applications. Two pump, two loop, low temperature aftercooling for efficient operation and optimization of performance.

Lubrication System – Standard capacity (261 L [69 gal]) or high capacity (378 L [100 gal]) marine grade oil pan. Pre-lube starter protects engine from damage due to dry starts.

Electronics – 24v Quantum System electronics feature a proven ECM to monitor operating parameters, while providing diagnostics, prognostics and complete engine protection. Simplified electrical customer interface box for all vessel connections to reduce installation complexity.

Certifications – Complies with EPA Tier 4 / IMO Tier III emissions regulations. Designed to meet the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and SOLAS requirements. 
Consult your local Cummins professional for a complete listing of available class approvals.

Aftertreatment System – Life to overhaul aligned with engine LTO, lower DEF consumption, (operates with 32.5% or 40% DEF), higher sulfur tolerance, and keeping idle up to speed. 

Optional Equipment

  • Front power take-off adapter
  • Touch screen color remote control panel
  • Digital display
  • C Command panels
  • ELIMINATOR™ oil filtration system
  • SAE B accessory drive
  • Fully integrated type approved alarm and safety system
  • Pre-lube with QuickEvac

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