QSK45 for Mining

Power 1200 - 2000 hp
895 - 1491 kW
Torque 4425 - 5805 lb-ft
5999 - 7871 N•m

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The QSK45 engine was developed for mining and designed based upon the strength, performance and durability of the Cummins QSK60-Non-Certified. With thousands of engines installed by nearly every major mining equipment manufacturer, you can be sure to find a QSK45 operating reliably in every corner of the world. This is because these engines have a lower operating cost per ton with better reliability than other mining engines of their size. Whether you're powering a large excavator, loader or haul truck, you can expect exceptional fuel economy for years to come with an absolute minimum of downtime. In fact, QSK45 engines routinely achieve over 95% uptime in mining operations with load factors exceeding 40%. Plus, even Cummins engines with non-certified emissions ratings generate clean power at former EPA Tier 1 levels.

The Prelub™ system, a standard feature, eliminates wear from hot and cold starts. Plus, options like Cummins ELIMINATOR™ and CENTINEL™ keep you running for extended intervals between filter and oil changes.

With ratings from 1200-2000 hp (895-1491 kW), you'll have all the power you need for large excavators, loaders and haul trucks.

Every QSK45 engine is covered by Cummins base warranty, one of the most comprehensive and simplest plans in the industry.

QSK45 customers also benefit from reduced maintenance and exceptional customer support.

Engine Type Vee, 12-Cylinder
Advertised Horsepower 1200-2000 hp 895-1491 kW
Peak Torque 4425-5805 lb-ft 5999-7871 N•m
Bore and Stroke 6.26 in x 7.48 in 159 mm x 190 mm
Oil System Capacity 192 U.S. qt 182 liters
Coolant Capacity* 116.2 U.S. qt 110 liters
Length 93.4 in 2372 mm
Width 61.9 in 1572 mm
Height 74 in 1880 mm
Weight (Wet) 13500 lb 6123 kg

* Engine only


Engine Model Advertised hp (kW) @ rpm Peak Torque lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm
QSK45-2000 2000 (1491) @ 1900 5805 (7871) @ 1500
QSK45-1600 1600 (1193) @ 1900 5042 (6836) @ 1500
QSK45-1500 1500 (1119) @ 1900 5042 (6836) @ 1300
QSK45-1500* 1500 (1119) @ 1800 4727 (6409) @ 1500
QSK45-1487 1487 (1109) @ 1900 5042 (6836) @ 1300
QSK45-1350* 1350 (1007) @ 1800 4525 (6135) @ 1300
QSK45-1200 1200 (895) @ 1900 4425 (5999) @ 1300

All ratings are intermittent unless otherwise noted.

Additional ratings may be available. Check with your Cummins distributor or dealer.

*Indicates a continuous rating.
  • Forged High-Strength Tensile Steel Crankshaft - Along with dual viscous dampers, reduces gear train wear and counterweights provide vibration damping for long engine and equipment life.
  • Heavy-Duty Front Gear Train - Low gear loading and high fatigue strength for dependable service. 
  • Cummins Integrated Electronic Control System - Allows users to tailor fuel system calibrations to most unique application requirements.
  • Quantum System Electronics - High-speed Electronic Control Module (ECM) with a self-cooling mount is isolated from detrimental vibration loading. A field-proven, fully-sealed wiring harness with fail-safe connectors integrates the ECM with the engine sensors for optimized engine performance, monitoring and protection.  Quantum system technology is ideal for tough mining applications that demand continuous uptime carrying hundreds of tons capacity.
  • High-Pressure Injection (HPI) Fuel System - Provides a high-peak injection pressure for optimum combustion for low emissions and better fuel economy.  HPI fuel injection provides a “soft” injection start for lower combustion noise.  Other benefits include excellent cold-starting characteristics and improved transient response at all engine speeds.
  • Power Cylinder Package - One-piece Ferrous Cast Ductile (FCD) iron pistons provide the strength and durability to handle high cylinder pressures for long life.  Seven-bolt cylinder head supports increased power output with improved breathing and higher fuel efficiency.
  • Dual Piston-Cooling Nozzles - Direct cooling streams of oil beneath each piston for long life with increased reliability.
  • Wiring - Embedded in a solid foam material and completely sealed in an aluminum housing for reliability in harsh environments.
  • Prelub™ System - Distributes oil to rifles and friction surfaces and builds oil pressure before cranking can occur.  A pressure switch assures proper oil pressure in the main rifle to reduce the risk of starting the engine without oil in the sump or filters.  Prelub is a standard option on all mining engines due to proven success in extending engine life-to-rebuild.
  • Two-Stage Cummins Oil Filters - Also available as Fleetguard® combine full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear.
  • Premium Fan Drive – Incorporates large matched and sealed bearings, improved oil seals, and an improved idler system.  The fan drives have fixed fan centers with tensioning provided by a manually adjusted and maintenance free idler.  The fan drive is available with or without an electronically controlled oil-actuated fan clutch.

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