QSK19 for Construction (Tier 2)

Power 755 - 800 hp
563 - 597 kW
Torque 2275 - 2275 lb-ft
3084 - 3084 N•m
Certification Tier 2 / Stage II

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Every QSK19 engine is a powerful example of Cummins Quantum System technology at work, with state-of-the-art electronics capable of self-diagnostics, prognostics and more. These powerful engines are designed to give every crane, every front end loader and every asphalt planer maximum performance with minimum maintenance.

Available in a range of ratings from 755 to 800 hp (563-597 kW), these heavy-duty diesels meet Tier 2 emissions standards without compromise. A low maintenance two-stage oil filter is just one of the many standard features that minimize downtime. Cummins PowerMatch and Advisor are ready to provide expert assistance with your spec'ing and installation process.

Every QSK19 engine is covered by Cummins three-step warranty, one of the most comprehensive and simplest plans in the industry.

The QSK19 high-pressure injection system and electronic controls ensure clean, powerful and efficient operation every time. The ECM continuously monitors data from strategically placed sensors within the engine, optimizing the fuel-to-air mixture for maximum combustion. Fuel is injected at pressures exceeding 25,000 psi. This results in better utilization of fuel with fewer emissions. Getting more energy out of every drop of diesel fuel also results in more power.

This is an engine that goes beyond meeting government standards. The latest version of this proven performer takes technology to the next level, meeting Tier 2 emissions standards without compromise. Fuel economy, horsepower, torque rise, transient response and service intervals match the high levels achieved by the Tier 1 models.

And everything that makes this a great engine for original equipment also makes it a great engine for repowers.


Advertised Horsepower 525-700 hp 391-522 kW
Peak Torque 1627-2300 lb-ft 2206-3118 N•m
Cylinders 6
Oil System Capacity 80 U.S. qt 76 liters
Length 66.1 in 1679 mm
Width 34.3 in 872 mm
Height 56.4 in 1431 mm
Weight (wet) 4,350 lb 1973 kg
Engine Model Advertised hp (kW) @ rpm Peak Torque lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm
QSK19 755 (563) @ 1800 2275 (3084) @ 1400
QSK19 760 (567) @ 2100 2275 (3084) @ 1500
QSK19* 800 (597) @ 2100 2275 (3084) @ 1500

Additional ratings may be available. Check with your Cummins distributor.

*Indicates restricted rating

Cummins QSK19 engines come with these standard features so you get more power, economy and life out of every one of them.

  • Extra-Wide Gear Train - Extra-wide gear train is quieter, longer-lasting and capable of handling high loads of injector pressures with ease
  • Single-Stage Holset Turbocharger - Lower intake air temperatures provide increased air density, resulting in more power and lower emissions
  • Large Fan Drive and Bearings - Allow increased fan size for improved cooling capacity
  • Full-Authority Electronic Controls - Programmable controls optimize combustion based on engine load and atmospheric conditions. They also provide advanced monitoring, diagnostic, prognostic and reporting capabilities, with integrated engine protection features
  • Two-Stage Oil Filter - Combination full-flow and bypass oil filter reduces maintenance costs as it extends service intervals
  • Longer-Lasting Intake and Exhaust Valves - Valve and seat are machined out of select materials for longer life. Rotators on both intake and exhaust ensure uniform wear
  • Precision-Honed Cylinder Liners - Precise liner machining with superior metal technology creates exceptional surface smoothness and durability
  • Articulated Steel Pistons - 30% longer life, increased reliability and improved combustion result from the two-piece piston design
  • High-Durability Camshaft - Microfinishing makes it last twice as long as previous designs. Improved contact between the crosshead and rocker lever reduces wear and improves durability

Minimum maintenance has been built into every QSK19 engine. For example: the articulated pistons last 30% longer until the first rebuild and give an additional 30% longer life after it. Even the oil seals have been engineered so they're never exposed to contaminants - for virtually leak-free operation.

Maintenance Intervals
Cummins QSK19 engines require an oil change every 250 hours.

For complete maintenance information, please consult your Owner's Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual.

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