T4 Dual Fuel

The Next Level

Prioritize sustainability. Save fuel. Get the job done. Upgrade to an EPA-certified Tier 4 Dual Fuel solution, and your engine won’t be the only thing seeing next-level improvement.

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Optimizing Productivity

New Power, Same Performance

The Cummins Dual Fuel solution is designed to provide the maximum substitution rate in the ideal operating range. This means your hydraulic horsepower remains the same as it would in your diesel operation. Our QSK50 Tier 4 solution has the best diesel fuel economy in its class, guaranteeing maximum fuel savings no matter which mode you operate in.

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Prioritize Sustainability.

Reduce emissions by using natural gas productively.

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Save on Fuel.

Maximize your substitution rate and maintain the same power.

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Maintain Performance.

Trust your operation to the QSK50 — a proven engine platform.

Dual Fuel Upgrade Options

qsk50 dual fuel engine

Upgrade options

I Have a Tier 2 Engine

  • Tier 2 Rebuild restores your engine to original or better performance
  • Tier 2 Dual Fuel requires only minor changes to the base engine
  • T2-T4 Conversion lowers the investment and lead time to compliance
  • Tier 4 Dual Fuel (available after a T2-T4 conversion) retrofits your current engine with few equipment integration requirements 
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t2 dual fuel engine

Upgrade Options

I Have a Tier 4 Engine

  • Tier 4 Rebuild restores your engine to original or better performance
  • Tier 4 Dual Fuel retrofits your current engine with few equipment integration requirements
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tier 4b dual fuel engine

Upgrade Options

I Need a New Dual Fuel Solution.

  • Tier 2 Dual Fuel lowers your initial investment
  • Tier 4 Dual Fuel keeps you compliant with the latest standards
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Cummins in Action


Thought Leadership

Reduce Waste

Reduce scrap material and improve your operational efficiency with Cummins Tier 2 to Tier 4 conversion offering.

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Thought Leadership

Optimize Substitution Rate

Cummins QSK50 Tier 4 Dual Fuel solution offers a proven engine platform with over 8M hours of experience.

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Dual Fuel

Save on fuel costs, improve emissions and maintain performance with Cummins Tier 4 Dual Fuel solution.

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