Cummins Rebuild Centers employ a number of strategies designed to ensure unmatched product quality and engine life. When the swapped engine arrives at the rebuild center, it is disassembled to the last component, cleaned and inspected.

Genuine Cummins new and remanufactured parts include components in their kits that are ready to be used in the remanufacturing process. Following Cummins quality manufacturing process, rebuilt engines are tested to original manufacturing standards through hot testing to ensure that they meet or exceed factory standards. Cummins rebuilt engines are delivered to mining customers with the same quality performance, reliability and durability that you’ve come to expect from Cummins. That’s the reason we offer a full 1-year/unlimited hours parts warranty on every engine from our Cummins Rebuild Centers.

Cummins Mining engines are supported by 17 Master Rebuild Centers, 3,700 trained technicians, and over 1,000 support engines. We understand the value that a long life-to-engine overhaul has on the total operating costs of the mine. Cummins has invested heavily in local remanufacturing capabilities that allow the customer to get the maximum life out of every engine. We work closely with customers to schedule rebuilds proactively and thereby minimize downtime.

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