L Gas Plus

Power 320 - 320 hp
239 - 239 kW
Torque 1000 - 1000 lb-ft
1356 - 1356 N•m


Heavy-Duty Truck School Bus


With the 2007 release of the ISL G engine, the L Gas Plus is no longer available. Customers with the L Gas Plus will continue to be supported by the Cummins distributor and service network.

The 8.9 litre L Gas Plus combines all the advantages of clean burning natural gas with power and torque for transit (40 foot, double deck, or articulated), heavy refuse compactor, refuse roll-off. and local distribution (heavy straight trucks as well as 4X2 tractors).

Key Features

  • 320 HP and 1000 lb. -ft torque
  • Holset Variable Geometry turbocharger - impressive lowend torque and transient response
  • High Engergy Ignition System - better performance, improved spark plug life (2000 hours)
  • High Power/Low Weight - highest power to weight ratio in its class
  • Full Authority Electronics - superior engine protection, state-of-the-art data links, ability to interface with Cummins INSITE and QuickCheck
  • Quiet Operation - 72.9 dB(A) at idle, 96.4 dB(A) rated speed, full load
  • Aftertreatment - Catalyst
  • Fuel - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)


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