K50 & K2000E for Mining

Power 1600 - 2000 hp
1193 - 1491 kW
Torque 4400 - 5800 lb-ft
5966 - 7864 N•m


Mining Engines


When you depend upon your equipment to move mountains, you can count on Cummins K50 engines to deliver legendary reliability and durability even in the toughest mining applications every day.  With ratings from 1600 – 2000 hp (1194 – 1492 kW) both the industry-leading K2000E – and the K50 engines are ideal for every mining application from electric-drive and mechanical-drive haul trucks and loaders to high duty-cycle excavators and shovels with proven performance and mechanical simplicity of Cummins PT® fuel system.  Cummins K50 and K2000E engines are designed to reduce engine operating and maintenance costs while maximizing productivity.

The K2000E applies robust CENTRY electronic controls and other improvements to the proven K50 engine platform to create a V16 engine reliable, durable and smart enough for the toughest mining applications. In hauling equipment for example, CENTURY controls work with the GE Statex I, II or III Advanced Electric Drive Systems to optimize machine efficiency and fuel savings.

Other features include standard Prelub Systems and CENSE™, an available electronic monitoring package for increased uptime, which keep Cummins K Series engines ahead of the rest for the best life cycle value.

The base warranty includes full coverage on K Series engines and branded components, including electrics such as starters and alternators for unlimited hours during the first year of operation, extending through 2 years or 2,000 hours (whichever comes first). The base warranty also includes 3-year/10,000-hour standard protection on major components.  Extended coverage is available with our Encompass protection plans with the flexibility to meet the needs of your mining operation.  Cummins Encompass has you covered, around the clock and around the globe. 

Cummins combines proven performance with advanced technology and a global service and support network with a hard-earned reputation for responding to every need, at every hour of every day.




Engine Type 

Vee 16 

Vee 16

Displacement  3067 in 50.25 liters 3,060 in  50 liters 
Advertised Horsepower  2000 hp 1492 kW 1600-1800 hp  1194-1343 kW 
Peak Torque  5800 lb-ft  7864  N•m 4640-5225 lb-ft  6291-7084 N•m
Bore and Stroke 

6.25 in x 6.25 in
159 mm x 159 mm 


Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled

Oil System Capacity  236 U.S. qt  223 liters  236 U.S. qt  223 liters 
Coolant Capacity  170 U.S. qt  161 liters  170 U.S. qt  161 liters 
Length  110 in  2794 mm  110 in  2794 mm
Width 56 in 1422 mm  56 in  1422 mm 
Height  74.1 in  1882 mm  74.1 in  1882 mm 
Wet Weight 11670 lb  5293 kg  11670 lb  5293 kg 


Engine Model  Advertised hp (kW) @ rpm  Peak Torque lb-ft  (N•m) @ rpm Rating Type
K2000E 2000 (1492) @ 1900  5800 (7865) @ 1500  Intermittent 
K1800E  1800 (1343) @ 1900  5225 (7085) @ 1500  Intermittent 
KTTA50  1800 (1343) @ 2100  5177 (7020) @ 1500  Intermittent 
KTA50  1600 (1194) @ 2100  4400 (5966) @ 1500  Intermittent 
KTA50  1600 (1194) @ 1900  4640 (6292) @ 1500  Intermittent 

Additional ratings may be available.  Check with your Cummins distributor.

  • PT Fuel System – uses the time-tested and proven PT fuel system for high performance and ease of maintenance.  PT injectors are built to handle high pressures for optimum combustion. 
  • Fillet-Hardened Crankshaft – smaller bolt circle and rolled threads for strength and durability
  • Cummins Prelub System – Distributes and pressurizes oil in the engine before cranking can occur, and is proven to greatly extend life-to-rebuild.
  • Galley-cooled pistons – reduced piston crown temperatures by as much as 100°F (38°C) for enhanced durability, reduced piston ring wear and 30% longer cylinder life. 
  • Turbochargers – Custom-built for K Series engines and are available in single-stage or two-stage configurations to meet any application’s requirement.

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