ISX (EPA 2004)

Power 385 - 565 hp
287 - 421 kW
Torque 1450 - 1850 lb-ft
1966 - 2508 N•m


Euro Truck & Bus Heavy-Duty Truck Motorhome & RV Engines Transit Bus


Cummins ISX sets a new performance standard for diesels. Plus, it has been thoroughly tested and proven to meet Cummins rigorous standards for durability and dependability. At the same time, the ISX meets the latest emissions standards without expensive aftertreatment or special fuels. The bottom line: You win. With its unique dual overhead cam design and Variable Geometry Turbocharger, the ISX is clearly ahead of competitive engines.

Impressive Acceleration
The ISX delivers the best mpg of any engine in its class, even better than our own N14 Plus engine. Based on real world experience, the ISX has the highest fuel economy of any high-horsepower engine meeting the 2.5-gram NOx+NMHC emissions requirement.

Improved Braking
Another benefit of this new design is improved braking from the standard Intebrake™ system. The engine brake is more effective over the entire operating range by as much as 100 hp, generating a maximum braking horsepower of over 600 hp. Not only does this improve driver control on steep downgrades, it also helps reduce service brake use and increase maintenance intervals.

Maximum Horsepower 385-565 bhp
Peak Torque 1450-1850 lb-ft
Governed Speed 2000 rpm
Clutch Engagement Torque 1000 lb-ft
Number of Cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke 5.39 x 6.65 in (137 x 169 mm)
Engine Displacement 912 cu in (14.9 L)
Compression Ratio 17:1
Operating Cycles 4 (4)
Oil System Capacity 14 US gal (53 L)
Net Weight with Std Accessories 2,940 lb (1,334 kg)
Engine Model  Advertised hp  Peak Torque ft-lbs @ RPM  Governed Speed RPM 
 ISX-525  525  1650 @ 1200  2000
 ISX-600  600  1850 @ 1200  2000
  Light Duty Normal Duty Severe Service
Oil & Filter 35,000 mi 25,000 mi 15,000 mi
Fuel Filter 25,000 mi 25,000 mi 25,000 mi
Coolant Filter 50,000 mi 50,000 mi 50,000 mi
Valve Adjustment 500,000 mi 500,000 mi 500,000 mi
VG Actuator Filter 250,000 mi inspection 250,000 mi inspection 250,000 mi inspection

* Oil drain intervals can be extended when using Valvoline Premium Blue® oil.

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