ISM for Urban Bus & Shuttle (EPA 07)

Power 280 - 330 hp
209 - 246 kW
Torque 925 - 1150 lb-ft
1254 - 1559 N•m
Certification EPA 2007


With hundreds of millions of miles of operation in bus fleets worldwide, Cummins ISM has earned its reputation for reliability and durability. Key technologies like the cooled-EGR subsystem, VG Turbo, and electronic fuel injection have been used on the ISM since 2002.

Even the newest emissions control technology, particulate filtration, is not new. Thousands of Cummins-powered buses equipped with Cummins Particulate Filters are in operation in North America today. Every Cummins system is designed with performance and reliability in mind.

Higher fuel costs are stretching already tight operating budgets. Transit operators can turn to Cummins ISM to control and reduce costs, with excellent fuel economy in the bus market and low maintenance costs.

The ISM is available in the configuration you require. The ISM has ratings of 280 hp or 330 hp for 40- or 60-foot transit buses. It is compatible with all major transmission models and is easily tailored to the needs of specific applications.

In addition to our comprehensive base warranty, Cummins engines are backed by nearly 3,500 authorized parts and service outlets in North America.

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Advertised Horsepower 280-330 hp 209-246 kW
Peak Torque 925-1150 lb-ft 1254-1559 N•m
Governed Speed 2100 rpm  
Clutch Engagement Torque 700 lb-ft 949 N•m
Cylinders 6  
Oil System Capacity 10.2 U.S. gal 38.6 liters
System Weight Engine (dry) Aftertreatment* 2,268 lb 2,206 lb 62 lb 1,028 kg 1,000 kg 28 kg

* Increase over standard muffler

Engine Model Advertised hp Peak Torque Governed Speed
ISM 330 330 1150 @ 1200 2100
ISM 280 280 925 @ 1400 2100

Oil and filter changes vary depending on your average vehicle speed. Please see the chart below to check the correct oil and filter changes for your operation.

Avg. Vehicle Speed Miles Kilometers
12 to 14 mph 7,000 11,000
10 to 15 mph 6,000 9,500
8 to 10 mph 5,000 8,000
6 to 8 mph 3,500 5,500
4 to 6 mph 2,500 4,000


  Miles Kilometers
Fuel Filter 15,000 24,000
Coolant Filter 15,000 24,000
Valve Adjustment 120,000 192,000
Particulate Filter Cleaning 200,000-400,000 320,000-640,000

The Cummins Particulate Filter is designed to last the lifetime of your engine.

See Owner's Manual for every detail. And when it's time for maintenance, be sure to visit your Cummins distributor for fast, accurate service.

For complete maintenance information, please consult your Owner's Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual.

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