ISL (EPA 2004)


Fire & Emergency Medium-Duty Truck Motorhome & RV Engines Transit Bus


The next evolution of the ISL is a continuation of the current product strategy.  Cummins utilized product upgrades and emissions credits for a certified solution.  By choosing the right technology for each market, Cummins ensures the highest quality launch at the lowest possible installed cost.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced reliability through product upgrades and common components
  • EPA guidelines met without emissions control devices such as no EGR or exhaust aftertreatment (catalyst or soot filter)
  • Lower installed costs through minimal changes to customer options
  • Simplified maintenance for lower cost of ownership
  • Most current and some new OEMs will release the new ISL
  • Noise levels reduced by up to 2 dBA, which represents a 37% reduction in noise power
  • Wide usage of Six-Sigma tools throughout the design process

Product upgrades include:

  • New high-pressure common-rail fuel system with electronic injectors for lowered emissions, reliability, and performance
  • Robust breather that virtually eliminates oil carryover
  • Roller followers have been increased for high pressures and load carrying
  • Coolant flows optimized and balanced for improved cooling for durability
  • Oil cooler efficiency increased more than 30%, resulting in no increase in oil pan temperatures in spite of the higher allowable top tank temperatures
  • Block and cylinder head strengthened to support peak cylinder pressures and durability
  • Targeted piston cooling for piston and piston pin life
  • LF9009 combination bypass and full-flow oil filter
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