ISF3.8 for Light Commercial Vehicle

Power 141 - 168 hp
105 - 125 kW
Torque 331 - 442 lb-ft
449 - 599 N•m
Certification Euro III


Light Commercial Vehicle


The ISF engine family is the newest addition to Cummins lineup of dependable engines. With exceptional performance, low weight, low operating costs, and the reliability and durability expected from Cummins, the ISF3.8 is ideal for light commercial vehicle applications such as trucks, vans, pickups, and utility vehicles. The ISF3.8 is the lightest and strongest engine in its displacement class and is the perfect choice for weight sensitive and space constrained installations above 3.5 tons GVW.

The ISF3.8 offers advanced thermal engineering, electronic integration, and a High Pressure Common Rail fuel system. In addition, a Cummins wastegate turbocharger is used for excellent performance across rpm range and improved response through higher low-end torque.

Currently available at Euro III and Euro IV emissions levels, the ISF3.8 offers high power and torque for an engine of this size and weight. Cummins utilized modular architecture to create the ISF3.8 with the capability to meet the world’s most stringent emissions regulations of today and in the future. Lower emissions levels beyond Euro IV can be achieved without sacrificing performance and with minimal impact on installation.

Advertised Horsepower   141-168 hp (105-125 kW)
Peak Torque  331-442 lb-ft (450-600 N•m) 
Number of Cylinders  4
Engine Weight (Dry)  280 kg 
Fuel System HPCR 
Emission Euro 3, Euro 4
Governed Speed   2600 rpm 
125 kW @ 2600 / 600 N•m @ 1300
115 kW @ 2600 / 500 N•m @ 1200
105 kW @ 2600 / 450 N•m @ 1200 

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