ISB6.7 for Medium-Duty Truck (2013)

Power 200 - 325 hp
149 - 242 kW
Torque 520 - 750 lb-ft
705 - 1017 N•m
Certification EPA 2013


Every aspect of the ISB6.7 has been improved from fuel efficiency to reliability and durability. You get the lowest cost of operation and maximum uptime whether it’s your job to drive a pickup and delivery truck, step van or a medium-duty truck.

Better. At The Pump.

The ISB6.7 gets the highest fuel economy of any engine in its class. For 2013 that advantage increases, with up to 2% better fuel economy versus our 2012 model. The addition of an air intake throttle makes the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system more efficient, reducing parasitic losses to increase fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Better. For The Air.

Taking better care of the environment is everyone’s job. Cummins ISB6.7 meets the 2014 greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel efficiency regulations a full year ahead of schedule. Emissions are managed by the proven Cummins Aftertreatment System. In-house development of the entire integrated unit from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment allows us to optimize engine performance and emissions control better than other engine manufacturers. The 2013 ISB 6.7 is equipped with On-Board Diagnostics to monitor and ensure optimum performance of the emissions systems using a system proven in thousands of vehicles since 2007.

Better. On The Road.

The ISB6.7 features High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection for constant pressure and strong performance at every rpm. Multiple injection events per cycle make this engine quiet and smooth to operate. Ratings range from 200-325 hp (149-242 kW)

Better Coverage.

Base engine warranty coverage for the ISB6.7 includes parts and labor on warrantable failures for the base engine and the aftertreatment system. Cummins base warranty coverage is good for 2 years/unlimited mileage. Extended Coverage Plans are available for the base engine and aftertreatment system. Check with your local Cummins distributor or dealer for details.

Considering a Cummins engine purchase? For more information including pricing and additional technical information, please contact your Cummins representative. If you need help finding a representative, the Cummins Sales and Service Locator tool can help.

Advertised Horsepower 200-325 hp 149-242 kW
Peak Torque 520-750 lb-ft 705-1017 Nm
Governed Speed 2600 rpm
Clutch Engagement Torque 400 lb-ft 542 Nm
Number of Cylinders 6
System Weight 1357 lb 616 kg
    Engine (Dry) 1150 lb 522 kg
    Aftertreatment  System* 207 lb 94 kg
Engine Model Advertised Horsepower (kW) Peak Torque lb-ft (Nm) @ rpm
ISB6.7 325 325 (242) 750 (1017) @ 1800
ISB6.7 300 300 (224) 660 (895) @ 1600
ISB6.7 280 280 (209) 660 (895) @ 1600
ISB6.7 260 260 (194) 660 (895) @ 1600
ISB6.7 250 250 (186) 660 (895) @ 1600
ISB6.7 240 240 (179) 560 (759) @ 1600
ISB6.7 220 220 (164) 520 (705) @ 1600
ISB6.7 200 200 (149) 520 (705) @ 1600
  • VGT™ Turbocharger from Cummins Turbo Technologies – The patented design is widely recognized as the industry leader for performance. Electric actuation improves precision and responsiveness. The VGT Turbocharger also increases fuel economy and braking horsepower.
  • High Pressure Commons Rail (HPCR) Fuel System from Cummins Fuel Systems – Higher injection pressures produce quick throttle response at every rpm. Optimized timing increases fuel efficiency, lowers emissions and enables smoother, quieter operation.
  • Cummins Aftertreatment System from Cummins Emission Solutions – Proprietary system consists of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for near-zero emissions.
  • Fleetguard® Fuel Filters, Lube Filters and DEF from Cummins Filtration – Fleetguard filters protect against corrosion and contaminants with innovative technology such as NanoNetTM media, which provides 10 times better protection than conventional fuel filters. High quality DEF is widely available at authorized Cummins and Fleetguard locations, as well as in bulk delivery.
  • Single High-Capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM) – A single ECM manages the engine and aftertreatment system for optimum performance and fuel efficiency.
  Miles / Kilometers Hours Months
Oil & Filter 15,000 mi
24,000 km
500 6
Fuel Filter 15,000 mi
24,000 km
500 6
Overhead Adjustment 150,000 mi
240,000 km
5,000 48
Standard Coolant Change 60,000  mi
96,000 km
2,000 24
Coalescing Filter Every 3rd to 4th Oil Change Interval
DEF Filter 200,000 mi
320,000 km
6,500 -
Diesel Particulate Filter 200,000 mi
320,000 km
6,500 -

For complete maintenance information, please consult your Owner’s Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual, available on QuickServe Online.

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