ISB5.9 G for Euro Truck & Bus

Power 150 - 230 hp
112 - 172 kW
Torque 325 - 500 lb-ft
441 - 678 N•m
Certification Euro 5


Euro Truck & Bus


The Cummins ISB5.9 G is a 5.9 litre six-cylinder natural gas engine that builds on the rugged, reliable design of Cummins diesel engines, and on the B Gas Plus, one of the most successful natural gas engines ever built. The ISB5.9 G delivers robust, dependable power from 150 to 230 hp with ultra-low emissions and proven reliability. It features drive-by-wire and enhanced controls, plus fullauthority electronics that include a new CM2180 programmable Electronic Control Module (ECM) that sets engine operating parameters and provides for road speed governing, engine protection and complete self-diagnostics, including meeting Euro Stage II On-Board Diagnostics.* The ISB5.9 G provides excellent torque, high fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and uncompromising performance.

This reliable performer is ideal power for a wide range of applications including shuttles, buses, local pickup and delivery trucks, step vans, terminal tractors, and street sweepers.

The ISB5.9 G is designed for either compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) natural gas fuels and is compatible with 100% biomethane, offering customers a greenhouse gas neutral option.

*Available with Euro certifications.

The ISB5.9 G combines these performance advantages with ultra-low emissions – certified with a two way catalyst – to Euro V standards. It features lean burn spark-ignited combustion. Standard conditions are: 29.36 in. Hg (99.14 kPa) barometric pressure (500 ft [152 m] altitude, 77°F [25°C] inlet air temperature). Actual performance may vary with different ambient conditions.

Peak Torque 325-500 lb-ft 441-678 N•m
Governed Speed 2800 rpm*  
Clutch Engagement Torque 285 lb-ft 386 N•m
Number of Cylinders 6  
Bore and Stroke 4.02 in x 4.72 in 102 mm x 120 mm
Engine Displacement 359 cu in 5.9 liters
Compression Ratio 10.5:1  
Operating Cycles 4  
Oil System Capacity 4 U.S. gallons 15 liters
Coolant Capacity 10.5 U.S. quarts 9.9 liters
Length 40 in 1016 mm
Width 31.9 in 809 mm
Height 33.7 in 856 mm
Net Weight w/ Standard Accessories, Dry 1,018 lb 462 kg
Emissions Certification Euro V  
Fuel Type CNG/LNG Methane Number 65 or Greater


* Governed speed for 150 hp rating is 2500 rpm.

For more information, call your Cummins distributor or Cummins representative.

Engine Model Advertised hp (kW) @ rpm Peak Torque lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm Governed Speed
ISB5.9 G 230 230 (172) @ 2800 500 (678) @ 1600 2800 rpm
ISB5.9 G 200 200 (149) @ 2800 465 (630) @ 1600 2800 rpm
ISB5.9 G 195 195 (145) @ 2800 420 (569) @ 1600 2800 rpm
India Only      
ISB5.9 G 150 150 (112) @ 2500 325 (441) @ 1600 2500 rpm

Features And Benefits.

  • Air/Fuel Regulation – Cummins closed-loop electronic control system is based on Cummins CM2180 ECM that sets engine operating parameters and maintains efficient operation using sensors to monitor and control various engine parameters, exhaust backpressure, intake manifold temperature, fuel inlet pressure, knock detection, air-fuel ratio and fuel mass flow.

  • Integrated Fuel Module Design – Fuel module is similar to ISL G with an integrated design that eliminates potential leak points. Smaller package is designed for optimum fuel/air mixing and incorporates a new robust electronic throttle.
  • Air Intake System – Charge air cooling is utilized to reduce emissions by lowering intake manifold air pressures.
  • Accessory Belt Drive System – Self-tensioning serpentine polyvee belt accessory drive system for water pump, engine-mounted fan hub and most alternators. Gear-driven air compressor with provision for gear-driven hydraulic pump.
  • Catalyst – Required for all models. Maintenance-Free.
  • Control System/Electronics – Features full driveby- wire, enhanced controls and full-authority electronics. The ECM monitors engine sensors, controls fuel and ignition systems, sets engine parameters and provides state-of-the-art data links and the ability to interface with Cummins INSITE™ and QuickCheck diagnostic service tools for fast troubleshooting.
  • Cylinder Block – Full-skirted block increases rigidity and strength. The design provides superior durability, as well as superior piston ring and bearing life.
    Pistons – For extended piston and ring life, a Ni-Resist insert is cast into the aluminium piston and carries the top piston ring.
  • Turbocharger – Holset turbocharger with watercooled bearing housing and electronically controlled wastegate provides improved response and performance without sacrificing durability.
  • Fuel Options – In addition to CNG and LNG, the ISB5.9 G can also operate on biomethane. Biomethane is renewable natural gas made from biogas or landfill gas that has been upgraded to pipeline and vehicle fuel quality. It is carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral and Cummins approves the use of up to 100% biomethane that meets Cummins published natural gas fuel specifications.
  • Crankshaft – Induction-hardened forged-steel crankshaft provides maximum strength and multiple regrind capability for long-term cost savings. The crankshaft is supported by seven main bearings for optimum durability.

Proven “Plus” Technology Maximises The Equation.
Building on the rugged design of Cummins diesel engines and the “Plus” technology of Cummins, the ISB5.9 G features a new ECM to control its fuel system, engine sensors and a new improved high-energy ignition system with spark diagnostics.

It also features state-of-the-art data links and the ability to interface with Cummins INSITE and QuickCheck diagnostic service tools for fast troubleshooting. Additional “Plus” technology benefits include full drive-by-wire, programmable engine parameters, multi-speed PTO, cruise control, road speed governing, idle speed control and shutdown, accelerator interlock, engine protection system and more. Life-to-rebuild and rebuildability are the same as a comparable diesel engine.

Cummins – Meeting Every Demand For Power.
Cummins is the industry leader in producing high quality, economical natural gas engines to meet the global demand for clean power. Cummins engines are the proven, reliable power in over 24,000 vehicles worldwide. City fleets worldwide put Cummins natural gas engines to work – every day.

Warranty. Every Coverage.
Cummins ISB5.9 G urban bus and truck engines come with a standard Cummins warranty with full parts and labour coverage on all warrantable failures.* See your Cummins distributor or Cummins representative for additional warranty information.
*Warrantable failures are those due to defects in materials or workmanship.

A Cost Efficient Way To Meet Every Emissions Challenge.
To meet Euro emission regulations targeting nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate matter (PM), diesel engine manufacturers will apply advanced technologies including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The benefits of clean burning natural gas and lean burn combustion allow the ISB5.9 G to meet both Euro V standards with a maintenance-free oxidation catalyst.

Customer Support. Every Place You Need It.
The total solution Cummins has created combines fuel availability, government programs and funding,plus additional resources to make natural gas power a viable alternative. Local service, as well as parts availability for Cummins products, is available at any authorised Cummins facility. Cummins global network includes 550 company-owned and independent distributor facilities with more than 5,500 parts and service locations in 160 countries. Cummins distributors provide maintenance schedules, warranty information and producttraining support worldwide. On every continent.

Contact the Customer Assistance Centre
Cummins specialists provide technical assistance, service locator and product literature 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Europe: (44) 1327 886464
Australia/New Zealand: 1-800-351-004
Asia: (86) 13601053517

ISB5.9 G Maintenance Intervals

Maintenance Item Miles
Hours Months
Oil and Filter 6,000 mi 
10,000 km
250 3
Fuel Filter 24,000 mi 
38,000 km 
1,000 12
Spark Plugs
200 hp and Higher

195 hp and Lower

24,000 mi
 38,000 km

36,000 mi
57,500 km


Change Coolant 48,000 mi
 77,000 km
2,000   24 
Valve Adjustment 24,000 mi 
38,000 km 
1,000  12 

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