GTA855GCE Gas Compression Applications

Power 286 hp
213 kW
Certification EPA SI NSPS 2011 Compliant Capable


Oil and Gas Engines Gas Compression Natural Gas Engines


The GTA855GCE builds from the success of the KTA19GCE, offering greater power and performance than ever before with all major components designed by Cummins to optimize performance. The block, crank, cam, lube pump, water pumps and gears are common with the Cummins NT diesel, with over 40 years of dependable service. The GTA855GCE uses a Holset® Turbocharger, designed and manufactured by Cummins specifically for the engine, optimizing performance and reliability.

General Specifications
Inline 6-Cylinder, 4-Cycle, Natural Gas

Bore 5.5 in
Stroke 6.0 in
Displacement 14.0 L (855 cubic in)
Engine Power* 286 hp
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Aspiration turbocharged and aftercooled
Exhaust Type Watercooled manifold
Weight** 2970 lb (1347 kg)
Lube oil capacity 15 gal
Rotation Counterclockwise

* Rating dependent
** Weight is approximate and varies with options.

Model Rating

Compression Ratio



286hp @ 1800 rpm


  • Catalyst Rating
  • NSPS 2011 Compliant Capable

World-class Features and Benefits

Engine Controls

Factory integration of the Murphy Engine Integrated Control System (EICS™) unites the functionality of the ignition, air/fuel ratio controller and speed governor into a single engine control module.

Base Engine

Cylinder heads are designed for optimal intake air/ exhaust flow. Pyromet® exhaust valves with thermal barrier coating and Tribaloy® T400 intake valves add durability. The GTA855GCE comes with a 1-year/unlimited-hours warranty.

Flywheel and Flywheel Housing

SAE #1, cast iron, machined to accommodate starter mounting.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

Multiple front drive options are offered for driving the compressor cooler fan.

Air Handling

Turbocharger design delivers maximum performance and life. It includes a factory-installed heavy-duty two-stage air cleaner w/safety element.

Starting System

The standard system features a robust Delco Remy® 39MT 24-volt starter with SAE #3 mounting flanges. An air/gas starter is optional.

Electrical System

Includes a 24-volt alternator.


The deep, full-length, high-capacity oil pan allows for extended drain intervals. Combo full-flow and bypass oil filters reduce maintenance costs while extending service intervals.

Cooling System

A two-pump, two-loop cooling system effectively separates the aftercooler and jacket water coolant circuits to maintain lower intake manifold temperatures and provide capability for higher power ratings. Integrated coolant filters add corrosion protection for the jacket water circuit.

Exhaust System

The water-cooled manifold reduce surface and exhaust gas temperatures.

Ignition System

EICS capacitive discharge ignition with smart-coil technology provides reliable spark and individual cylinder diagnostics and knock sensing capabilities.

Air/Fuel Control

Direct-acting electronic pressure regulator assemblies controlled by engine specific calibration provides reliable emissions control.

Speed Control

Integrated electronic governor provide stable RPM control with optional input to monitor and control suction or discharge pressure.

Emissions System

Optional, customer supplied, three-way catalyst (TWC) emissions package meets federal and local emissions requirements.

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