Dynamic / Rotary UPS

Dynamic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems demand calibrations customized to your customers’ power output and transient response requirements.

Cummins G-Drive engines allow you to:

  • Meet exact requirements for power output and transient response through close collaboration between dedicated Cummins application engineers and client design teams.
  • Meet NFPA 110 requirements and receive full load acceptance within required time.
  • Meet strict worldwide emissions requirements with EPA T3/T4F and Stage V compliance in MR/HD engines and T2 and 2g TAL requirements throughout the HHP category.
  • Ensure high product quality and rigid engineering guideline adherence via close collaboration with dedicated Cummins application engineering teams.
  • Increase self-reliance by taking advantage of training sessions organized at Cummins' plants around the world.
  • Give your customers maximum uptime, easy access to parts, lower inventory requirements and service responsiveness anywhere in the world with Cummins’ unrivaled global service and support network.
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