High pressure common rail fuel systems require a new level of cleanliness. Cummins remains at the forefront in the development of high performance, low emission off-highway engines that exceed the very strict regulations that are in place worldwide. We deliver products that achieve these standards while continuing to exceed customer expectations for performance and durability. These new products have required advancements in fuel system technology as well as in the quality and cleanliness of the fuels that the engine burns.

Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Requirements

Cummins diesel engines will run on a great variety of fuels, but some fuels will give better performance, higher efficiency, improved reliability and lower maintenance costs than others.Cummins requires Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) for the following engines:

  • 2007 or later engines in the US and Canada equipped with a DPF(including Tier 4 Interim)
  • Engines operating where regional, national or international regulations require the use of ULSD in diesel engines

Download Our "Impact of Fuel Quality" Brochure

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